Our Mission


Westminster Covenant Academy is committed to upholding the historic reformed Christian faith of scripture in the education of children.It is our goal to facilitate a program of godly instruction combined with academic excellence for courses in grades K-12.We seek to providean education which is consistent with the Biblical doctrines so excellently summarized in the original Westminster Standards (the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Westminster Shorter Catechism, and the Westminster Larger Catechism ).



Our Design


Westminster Covenant Academy is a non-accredited internet school offering courses ala carte and customizable for each student.The Puritansí Home School Curriculum , available free on-line, serves as the primary curriculum of the Academy.Westminster Covenant Academy facilitates the implementation of the curriculum, on an as-needs basis .Course lectures are available free on-line at Westminster Covenant Academy digital lecture files .But in order to have assignments and tests graded by the faculty of the Academy, and to receive a course grade, students need to enroll in a course with the Academy (among the courses listed atCourse Offerings) and to submit assignments and tests electronically by email. Graded assignments and tests will be returned to students electronically.Also, payment of a course fee is necessary.



Our Course Offerings


Westminster Covenant Academy has an expanding list of course offerings.See Course Offerings for a current list of available courses, as well as information on how to enroll for a particular course. See Schedule of Course Offerings by Semester to view our long term program of courses.††


Use with Other Programs Leading to a High School Diploma from an Accredited Institution


There are various avenues in which courses taken through Westminster Covenant Academy may be able to be used towards obtaining a high school diploma from an accredited institution.We cannot guarantee they will be so accepted, but we would encourage you to investigate possibilities.For example, we recommend that youinquire of such schools as North Atlantic Regional Schools (especially if you are in the USA) and Canada College (especially if you are in Canada) to find out if such schools may accept coursework done using Westminster Covenant Academy in your circumstance.It should be noted that there is no connection or relationship of any kind between Westminster Covenant Academy and these other schools.



Our Faculty


Consistent with its mission, Westminster Covenant Academy requires that its teaching faculty adhere to the doctrines summarized in the Westminster Standards.†††



Our School Calendar


Our school calendar is fairly typical.The Fall Semester runs from September through mid-January, and the Spring Semester runs from mid-January through May.Classes offered through Westminster Covenant Academy (see Course Offerings) should fall within these time periods.Classes will generally begin within a few weeks of the inception of the semester period, and conclude before the end of the semester period.



Our Students


Westminster Covenant Academy is starting very simple.The first two students are the children of the developer of The Puritansí Home School Curriculumand the founder of Westminster Covenant Academy.We hope that some others may choose to join them in this enterprise.Students may come from varying denominational affiliations.



Your Questions


If you have questions about the Academy, send your queries to info@puritans.net .