A Personal Perspective on Current Political Circumstances



There is a systemic constitutional problem with the current USA that simply returning to the pre-1965 USA will not solve.


The constitutional issue is whether the USA is going to be a confederated nation or a Federal empire. Since the Federal Constitution tacked on the Bill of Rights of the Anti-Federalists (who supported a confederated nation), 1789 began but did not end the political struggle. There has been this long struggle in American politics between these 2 different visions for the USA, such that the process of going from the former to the latter has taken a long time. Given the Federal constitution calls for a centralized Federal Government, it was inevitable the Federal empire side would win, as it has.


So long as the Federal Government is standing, there is little practical way for the USA to return to being a confederated nation under the Articles of Confederation. (So I personally vote for conservative Republicans in the meantime.) However, Anglo-Americans need to start preparing the organizational structure for a replacement, because the US Federal government is on very shaky ground now, just as the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia were in the 1980s. Even a major mainstream hedge fund manager (Ray Dalio) states we are headed for a period of major political turbulence like the 1930s: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/17/ray-dalio-says-the-world-is-in-a-great-sag-and-echoes-the-1930s.html . The epicenter of that turbulence this time will be the USA and not Germany.


State Committees of Correspondence which can in turn send delegates to a restored Continental Congress would provide a structured organization that is ready to replace the current Federal structure once the current Federal Government falls. It mirrors what happened the first go round in the USA. It is a decentralized avenue towards a decentralized end: a confederated USA of Anglo-American patriot States under the Articles of Confederation. The purpose of the Facebook group Return to the Articles of Confederation is to encourage Anglo-American Patriots in each of the States to join and help organize.



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