A Political Parable


A man married a good wife who did him much good in his time of greatest need.They resided in a modest but spacious abode, with room to accommodate the many children they expected. However, the man fell for a whore decked out in fine jewelry and speaking alluring words.As he was abandoning his good wife, the manís friend cried out, warning the man of his mistake and the trouble it would lead him into.The man ignored his friendís plea, responding that the whore had promised to do him much good like the good wife he was leaving.The man and the whore moved into a great mansion.However, as time passed the man came to realize that the whoreís earlier promises were hollow.She was spending his wealth, harming his health, and letting outsiders come into his house and take his belongings.Though still impressive in size, the great mansion was crumbling in its foundations.


Would it not be the better part of wisdom for this man to realize the errors of his ways and return to his good wife?





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