Anglo-American Patriots Should Seize the Moment During the Likely Upcoming Period of Financial Collapse and Social Upheaval



There is good reason to believe that after the 2020 election we are headed for a period of financial collapse and social upheaval.  Many of the best economic minds have explained why financial collapse is coming because of the significant debt and derivatives:


It will likely be a financial collapse much worse than 2008, because debt and risky financial instruments are even greater than then.  Furthermore, it will likely be worldwide in scope like the 2008 crisis, and will likely in turn exacerbate conflicts with China, Russia, Iran, etc.  (See , for example.)


The coming financial collapse also will likely lead to significant social upheaval domestically, especially given the fragility of the USA resulting from the multi-cultural, open borders agenda that the US federal government has been pushing for so long.  How can such a diverse political entity hold together under such strain, at least without a strong central government police state which essentially throws historic American liberties out the window? 


The anti-federalists warned this would be the case if the USA pursued the federal empire model.  They urged sticking with the Articles of Confederation model of the Anglo-American patriot States under the Articles of Confederation. 


Anglo-American patriots should be ready to seize the moment and promote our cause under these circumstances. Our cause is clear:  RESTORATION OF THE CONFEDERATED USA OF ANGLO-AMERICAN PATRIOT STATES UNDER THE ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION VIA STATE COMMITTEES OF CORRESPONDENCE


The symbol of our enterprise is America’s first national flag (called the Continental Colors or Grand Union flag), which succinctly speaks of our historic identity as a nation and people and cause:



Significant change like restoration of the Articles of Confederation model and away from the federal “global nation” empire is generally only possible during periods of significant societal stress.  We should therefore be prepared to capitalize on the opportunity when it arises, in order to return the USA to a sounder course by God’s grace.