An Objection Answered Regarding My Historicism  by J. Parnell McCarter


Date: 8/19/17



Sean McDonald has posted on my Facebook page this: “I don't want to get into this conversation, but the record should be put straight. True, historic Reformed historicism has always taught that the Church of Rome is the whore of Babylon in Revelation 17-18. Check every Reformed theologian and every Reformed commentator on the Revelation before the nineteenth century --- including the one that Parnell had translated and self-published. It is only in Parnell's idiosyncratic exposition that this passage is understood in a radically different light.”

My response:

Any reformed commentator writing before our modern era would of course not assert that the USA is the whore of Revelation chapters 17-18 that sits on top of the Romish kingdom beast (ie, Church of Rome = “Beast of 7 Hills” there).  How could they possibly have guessed how things would transpire in this way, and guessed the role of an entity that did not even then exist (which has been in no small degree the creation of the Roman Catholic Church and its devices), much less garner the power and influence it has worldwide?

1.      The words “radically different light” unfairly characterizes what I have *guessed* is the case.  I believe the Romish kingdom (especially its Jesuit Order) has been the pivotal tool in turning the USA into a modern Babel, and I believe the Romish kingdom will resume its superpower status after the USA falls.  My interpretation maintains that the Pope is the Man of Sin, and Satan’s primary instrument in the world for deceiving multitudes.  But it does adjust how the Protestant Reformers thought the Romish Church would operate to achieve its goals in the modern era, taking into account what has actually happened. The Roman Catholic Church is both ‘Babylon’ (Revelation 14:8) and holds up a ‘Babylon’ (Revelation 17:3).


3.      Arguably the foremost historicist apologist of the modern times, Dr. Francis Nigel Lee, worked with me in Historicism Research Foundation to defend historicism, knowing full well my guess regarding the identity of the USA in the historicist paradigm.  While he did not embrace it as his own, he did not rule it out as a possibility and one that did not fall within “historicism”.  We worked together to defend historicism while Dr. Lee was still alive.

4.      Sean McDonald is a member of a denomination which has prostituted itself to this modern Babel, by its seminary and college subscribing to the “diversity agenda” (see ).  The “diversity agenda”, representing Jacobin egalitarianism, is the philosophical basis for this modern Babel.  Even if one does not wish to identify the USA with the whore of Revelation 17-18, a Protestant Christian nevertheless should see how the USA is a modern Babel, and how the Roman Catholic Church has used this modern Babel as its tool.


6.      The Roman Catholic Church has been wanting to show the world that any Protestant nation that does not bow to the Romish Pope will end up becoming a humanist Babel state.  It has been using its Jesuit Order and its members over US history (like the Carrolls, the Kennedys, the Cuomos, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, etc.) wickedly to turn formerly Protestant America into a humanist Babel state, working with rebellious children of Protestant forefathers (including Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, etc.), Jews, etc. as part of its diabolical coalition to achieve the results.  The Romish Church is waiting for the world to jump fully back into its arms after the USA experiment proves an abject failure, as it is already proving.  The Papacy still maintains that she wears the Triple Crown, as Christ’s Vicar on earth.


8.      I would submit that one reason Sean McDonald and others in NAPARC will be strongly offended by my analysis of the situation is because they do not want to acknowledge how they have been caught in the “Romish net”.  Very few professedly reformed denominations have avoided getting caught in this net.  By God’s grace, the FPCS and NRC have thus far evaded this net, although even we have been influenced by its effect in a negative way. This all goes to show the total depravity of man and our dependence on sovereign grace.