Unlike the Federal Government, Our Cause Will Follow Legal Procedure, by Godís Grace


The Federal Government has not followed legal procedure, as outlined in other articles.In truth, it has become a modern Babel.


Our cause is clear, as documented at http://www.puritans.net/articles/Summary%20of%20the%20Cause.htm .


Let it be emphasized here that in pursuing our cause that we shall follow legal procedure throughout, by Godís grace.Even if the other side does not, we shall.


A rebuttal against such an approach may run something like this:


Demographic trends, the government bureaucracy, Big Business, the mainstream media, Hollywood, and the educational establishment are all on the other side.  Military might and money are as well.One of the political parties (the Democratic Party) is as well, in addition to a fair portion of the other major political party (the Republican Party).It is naÔve to believe a cause can win with such an approach with so much arrayed against it.


However, this rebuttal fails to take into account the following:


1.       God brings down every Babel that raises its head, as both history and scripture testifies. 

2.       Such a Babel has within itself the seeds of its own destruction: economic, political (foreign and domestic), and moral instability and bankruptcy.


We have good reason to believe there will be a restoration of a confederated USA of Anglo-American Patriot States, under the Articles of Confederation (Americaís first constitution that was unadvisedly and illegally abandoned), after God causes the modern Babel to fall.


Please consider joining the cause by joining your Stateís Committee of Correspondence: http://www.puritans.net/articles/State%20Committees%20of%20Correspondence%20by%20State.htm.State organizers are especially needed.




Index of Articles related to this Cause:http://www.puritans.net/articles/indexarticlesconfederation.htm .