Many Anglo-American Protestants do not know or care that Sinn Fein is taking over in Northern Ireland, any more than they are aware of what has happened to the “British Rhodesians” of Zimbabwe or the Afrikaners of South Africa.  But we most certainly should know and care, for it affects them, us, and the world.  Protestants are being given over to Marxist overlords, such as how Marxist Mugabe of Zimbabwe treated British Rhodesians.


What is Sinn Fein?  Sinn Féin … is a left-wing[2] Irish republican political party active in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The original Sinn Féin organisation was founded in 1905 by Arthur Griffith. It took its current form in 1970 after a split within the party (with the other side becoming the Workers' Party of Ireland) and has historically been associated with the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA).[6] Mary Lou McDonald has been party president since February 2018. Sinn Féin is one of the two largest parties in the Northern Ireland Assembly, currently holding the same number of seats there as the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). Sinn Féin is the largest nationalist party in that assembly, and it held four ministerial posts in the most recent power-sharing Northern Ireland Executive. In the UK House of Commons, Sinn Féin holds seven of Northern Ireland's 18 seats—the second-largest bloc after the DUP. There it follows a policy of abstentionism, refusing to attend parliament or vote on bills. In the Oireachtas (the parliament of the Republic of Ireland), Sinn Féin is the third-largest party and the largest on the left. -éin



The progress of takeover in Northern Ireland is demonstrated in these election maps over time (froméin#/media/File:Northern_Ireland_election_seats_1997-2019.svg ):



The rise of Sinn Fein is inversely correlated with the decline of Protestant rule (UUP and DUP) in Northern Ireland.


Regarding the Marxist character of Sinn Fein, the article atéin-is-an-undemocratic-movement.html by a Roman Catholic Irish nationalist (hardly a Northern Irish Protestant partisan) describes the situation:



Sinn Féin is an undemocratic movement masquerading as a conventional political partyIn the case of Maduro, the Provisional movement have long backed communist movements in that region. They sold their weapons technology to the Farc communists in neighbouring Colombia in exchange for millions of narco-dollars. They had, despite denials, a permanent representative in Castro’s Cuba. The common thread was a belief that they were and are a revolutionary movement with a marxist orientation. Readers of An Phoblacht over the years will remember the constant stream of supportive articles for marxist revolutionary groups internationally…the truth is that Sinn Féin is rigidly controlled by a small clique of Provo veterans who are puppet-masters in what appears to be a normal democratic party…In true marxist style, the entire party is subject to what Lenin described as “democratic centralism”.


While American Protestants hardly lift a finger to help protect Protestants in Northern Ireland,  liberal Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (who is Roman Catholic) is doing much to show her support for Sinn Fein (see ):



Nancy Pelosi is taking actions which work to ensure Protestant British in Northern Ireland will lose their homeland there.


British Protestants in Northern Ireland are in a precarious position now.  If Northern Ireland leaves the UK and joins the Republic of Ireland, they would be truly in a mess.  Many would probably flee Northern Ireland.  Some would likely stay, but they would likely be subject to much persecution, at the hands of Sinn Fein who feel they have many scores to settle. Others would simply convert to Roman Catholicism, or at least renounce association with Protestantism.


To maintain a homeland in Northern Ireland, British Protestants there must realize they cannot fully trust and rely upon Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Tories of Westminster.  The path that the Tories and Labour of Westminster have planned for Northern Ireland leads to inevitable unification of Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland to the south.


There is no path for maintaining a long term homeland for British Protestants in Northern Ireland that does not require daring and sacrifice on the part of British Protestants there.  The most plausible strategy is for British Protestants of Northern Ireland to:


-          Congregate in districts where the DUP has a clear majority, generally leaving parts of Northern Ireland where they are in the minority.

-          Initiate their own Assembly for their own area.

-          Insist that under no conditions will the area they control become part of the Republic of Ireland but not necessarily standing in the way if the rest of Northern Ireland unites with the Republic of Ireland.

-          Insist upon controlling immigration and naturalization in the area they control, such that all new immigrants must meet the condition that it strengthens the territory as a British Protestant homeland in Northern Ireland.

-          Insist upon the area they control becoming fully part of Brexit with the rest of Britain.

-          Find a leader like David Ben-Gurion was for Israel, with both military and political acumen.  Arlene Foster simply will not do.

-          Most importantly, pray to God for mercy, because He is sovereign.


This path has similarities to what Anglo-American patriots must do in order to maintain their homeland against the liberal agenda to turn the USA into a centralized “global nation” empire that renounces historic America with its Protestant underpinnings.


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