The Federalist Dream is the Anti-Federalist Nightmare :

The “Global Nation”



Strobe Talbot, past president of the Brookings Institution and advisor and official in President Clinton’s Administration, penned an article entitled “The Global Nation” in Time magazine. It lays out the logical extension of the Federalist vision for the USA and ultimately the world in these words:


"In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority... National sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all…Federalism has already proved the most successful of all political experiments, and organizations like the World Federalist Association have for decades advocated it as the basis for global government. Federalism is largely an American invention. For all its troubles, including its own serious bout of secessionism 130 years ago and the persistence of various forms of tribalism today, the U.S. is still the best example of a multinational federal state. If that model does indeed work globally, it would be the logical extension of the Founding Fathers' wisdom, therefore a special source of pride for a world government's American constituents.” - (Talbott, Strobe (20 July 1992). "America Abroad: The Birth of the Global Nation".)


This is antithetical to the Anti-Federalist vision of a confederated USA of Anglo-American patriot States under the Articles of Confederation.  The Anti-Federalist vision embraces nationhood and real States’ Rights, whereas the Federalist vision embraces a Federal multinational empire with token States’ Rights.  In the latter, the real and supreme power and authority lies in the centralized Federal government.


Lined up in support of this Federalist vision are the government bureaucracy, Big Business, the mainstream media, Hollywood, the educational establishment, and more.  It has all of the major institutions of society feeding at the Federal government trough.  It has military might and money behind it.


One of the most powerful tools the Federalist wields, perhaps even more than the aforementioned institutions, is the Federalist moral code which has been powerfully inculcated in the populace.  It claims “diversity” as the highest virtue, and opposition to “diversity” as the chief sin.  What it means by “diversity” is not diversity in the world, especially as expressed in many distinct sovereign nations with unique cultures and within Biblical bounds.  No, it means diversity in one Federal “global nation” composed of many cultures and outside of Biblical bounds.  In truth, this “global nation” is a veritable modern day Babel.


Those who imagine historic Anglo-American liberties will be preserved in this “global nation” are self-deceived.  The elite that rule the “global nation” will call the shots and maintain the order.  To maintain order in the resulting “global nation” requires a police state.  It is an Anti-Federalist nightmare.


The sooner this Federalist “global nation” project is arrested in its tracks, the better.  It is time for Anglo-American patriots to see the logical end of the Federalist dream and reject it.  It is time for us to work towards restoration of a confederated USA of Anglo-American Patriot States, under the Articles of Confederation (America’s first constitution that was unadvisedly and illegally abandoned), with America’s first national flag (the Continental Colors or Grand Union flag) as the symbol of our enterprise:




This confederated USA can have partitioned out of the USA those liberal “blue” areas in a sea of “red” areas that remain part of the USA, such as illustrated here:




In order to reach this goal, the Anglo-American patriots of today can follow the basic playbook of our patriot forefathers: create a network of Committees of Correspondence of Anglo-American patriots in every State of the USA. When large enough in each State, these in turn can elect a council/assembly of leaders, which in turn can send delegates to a restored Continental Congress, seeking a return to the Articles of Confederation and listing its grievances with the Federal government.


The centralized Federal empire over a “global nation” will fall, and the confederated USA of Anglo-American Patriot States, under the Articles of Confederation, will rise in its stead. This confederated USA will be a nation of and for the Anglo-American patriot people to God’s glory, not a multi-cultural “global nation” Empire that only really serves the interests of an elite few. States’ Rights will be the victor, and the long struggle of Anti-Federalists against all human odds will be vindicated.


Please consider joining the struggle by joining your State’s Committee of Correspondence:  .  State organizers are especially needed.




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