The Church is to be the Pillar of Truth, Not Diversity  by J. Parnell McCarter


In the welcome section of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary’s (PRTS) handbook for its doctoral program Dr. Joel Beeke writes (see ):


“…We are grateful for a student body of diverse backgrounds and denominations..."



This is consistent with the fact that PRTS, like other NAPARC (see for an article on NAPARC ) feeder seminaries, is “accredited” by ATS or other such wicked accrediting agencies (see for an article on ATS).  These “accrediting” agencies push the “diversity agenda” (see for an article on this agenda), prodded on by the US Department of Education.  Economic benefits and “degree status” come with accreditation.  PRTS’s Dr. David Murray writes in his article at :


“…Foundational for the doctoral program is the rationale behind the emphasis on both the academic and spiritual formation of the student… PRTS seeks to address, without compromising its academic standards and spiritual focus, the financial challenges that often accompany a graduate degree. PRTS will address this challenge in a sustainable way by… offering generous scholarships as enabled… Disclaimer: PRTS has submitted a proposal to its accrediting agency, the Association of Theological Schools (ATS), petitioning approval to begin a PhD program. Although we cannot officially begin the accredited program until that approval has been granted, we are allowed to begin offering course work on a non-matriculating basis. Those interested in becoming candidates for the prospective program may apply (complete form below) with the understanding that acceptance will be as a non-matriculating student. Upon ATS approval to launch the program officially, credits earned will be applied toward fulfilling the degree requirements.


Please carefully read my article on ATS in order better to understand terms like “diversity” and “spiritual formation” and why the ATS requires them as features of “accredited” seminaries.  The bottom line is that truth takes a backseat to diversity and numbers of students and faculty. 


This is all very WRONG.  This turns the church into a Babel-enabling pillar of diversity instead of the pillar of truth God calls it to be.  The fruits of this are easy to see.


Contrast the above model with the theological schools of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland (FPCS) and the Netherlands Reformed Congregations (NRC).  They refuse to look to wicked “accrediting” agencies like ATS.  They only take men to their theological school who are part of their church, subscribing to its reformed theological standards, taught by their own church officers who fully subscribe to these standards, and vetted not only for doctrine but also walk.  The criteria are designed to promote truth, not diversity.  And if there are no or few men judged to be qualified for the ministry, then they are not sweating if they have no or few students.  They do not compromise on truth to get numbers, financial benefit, and degree status from the government.  Of course, given the sinfulness of man, no school is perfect, but their basic model is sound.


This is RIGHT.  The church is commanded to be the pillar of truth in the world, upholding the Biblical doctrines of God’s word:  But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.”