The Diversity Agenda As a Cover For Sin  by J. Parnell McCarter


The diversity agenda (see is in fact a cover for sin. Satan likes to appear as an angel of light, even when promoting sin and rebellion against God (II Corinthians 11:14).  It looks better to be arguing for “diversity” rather than to be arguing for more sin and rebellion, even though sin and rebellion is precisely what comes with the diversity agenda.  In its more “moderate” forms the diversity agenda calls for acceptance of lascivious entertainment (like hip hop and rap music and Hollywood movies), lewd behavior (such as women shaking their butts in worship), and even illegal activity (such as illegal immigration).  But in its more full-blown forms it calls for acceptance of sodomy, Islam, etc., such as reflected in the following example seminar training in EEOC directives:


Latest updates from the EEOC regarding Gender Identity, including Transsexuals and Homosexuals :

Identity Issues in the Workplace: Gender Identity, Free Expression and Religious Expressions


By: Susan Fahey Desmond; on Thur, February 11, 2016 @ 1:00 PM ET.

Credits: This program is approved for 1.5 PDC through SHRM and 1.5 RCH through HRCI.

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After years of litigation, Abercrombie and Fitch was found to have violated Title VII when it refused to hire an applicant who wore a Hijab due to her religion, even though the applicant never requested a religious accommodation. More and more employers are finding themselves having to address an individual's lifestyles - whether those lifestyles are by choice or otherwise. Employers are finding that the "image" they want to project sometimes conflicts with the practices or choices of their employees.

Does an employer really have to accommodate an individual's transition from one gender to the other or an individual's decision to have body tattoos or an individual's "odd" clothing/hair choices are due to religious preferences? What's an employer to do?

Join expert speaker and nationally recognized Susan Fahey Desmond as she discusses when employers are obliged to provide employees gender identity protection and religious accommodation. She will identify how to avoid litigation and expensive lawsuits by understanding what the law requires from employers.

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The bottom line is that the diversity agenda is wicked and should be vigorously opposed by Bible-believing Christians.  The diversity agenda has been part of an effort to create a modern day Babel.  Babel has two features:


1.      Humanistic ethical structure (in contrast to a Biblical ethical structure)

2.      A diversity agenda, used as an important tool to help put the humanistic ethical structure in place


We can rest assured that God will bring down the modern version of Babel as He did with the ancient one.