The Diversity Agenda  by J. Parnell McCarter


One of Satan’s chief ploys is to take an idea from God’s word and subtly twist it into something that is actually contrary to Biblical doctrine.  This tactic was well illustrated when Satan tempted Jesus to jump off the highest point of the Temple in Jerusalem by quoting a passage from scripture that teaches that angels would take care of God’s Messiah.  Of course, that Bible text in no wise intended for the Christ to jump off a cliff in order to test God, but Satan twisted the passage to try to encourage that.


Similarly in our own day Satan is taking Biblical ideas such as that Christians need to show love and charity to people of all races and ethnicities, that the Church worldwide consists of people from every tribe and tongue, and that the gospel needs to be proclaimed to all, into advocacy for a diversity agenda.  That diversity agenda teaches that there is a moral imperative for each nation in the world, each community in the world, and each congregation in the world- especially in the richer white Western nations- to be racially and ethnically diverse.  The kicker is that all sorts of tactics must be employed to achieve this, most of which are in fact contrary to Biblical principles. Let me illustrate this diversity agenda in four inter-related cases.


One case is the support of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) of the Black Lives Matter movement, as documented at : "it was surprising for InterVarsity to devote an evening at its Urbana missions conference to #BlackLivesMatter. InterVarsity unabashedly called on 16,000 students to support the movement."   The same article noted: "Michelle Higgins was the main speaker for the evening. Higgins is the director of Faith for Justice, a Christian advocacy group in St. Louis (she also serves as worship director at South City Church). Higgins is active in the #BlackLivesMatter movement in the St. Louis area, and she challenged the students to listen to the stories of the movement and to be involved."  It should be noted that the official Black Lives Matter website lists some of the following core principles of the movement at : "diversity", "globalism", "collective value", "transgender affirming", and "queer affirming".


Another case is that of Michelle Higgins herself, who spoke at the recent IVCF conference, as noted above.  Michelle Higgins is a M. Div. graduate of the PCA's Covenant Seminary and Director of Worship and Outreach at a PCA church in St. Louis (see ).  As documented at , "Higgins essentially charged that Christians could end the “adoption crisis” if they wanted, but that they are too consumed with anti-abortion arguments and activism to do so, thus 'withholding mercy from the living.'"  In the same speech she urged white evangelical churches to let the women "shake their butts" in the worship service so as to attract blacks to attend and join.  From what can be ascertained from the website of her church at , it would seem she puts these sorts of principles into practice in her worship leadership role at the church.

Yet another case is how the seminaries of the NAPARC denominations (see, of which the PCA's Covenant Seminary and the HRC's Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary are examples, have voluntarily sought and obtained "accreditation" with agencies like ATS that require embrace of the diversity agenda.  I have documented this at .  For instance, among the standards is this one: " 6.2.4  Schools shall give evidence of efforts in admissions to encourage diversity in such areas as race, ethnicity, region, denomination, gender, or disability.”

Finally, there is the example of Dr. David Murray's advocacy of the diversity agenda, as documented at . Dr. David Murray is professor at the HRC's Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary.  As documented in the article, "At Dr. Murray apologized for being critical of “Holy Hip Hop” or “Christian Rap”.  He ends the post with these words: One huge positive that’s come out of this for me is that the Lord has given me a heart passion for His beautiful plan of racially integrated churches. I hope and pray that God will yet graciously use me to realize this world-transforming vision.” So where his multiculturalist position logically leads for him would be incorporating hip hop and rap into the worship of God at reformed churches and other venues (like conferences he attends and recommends at )."

This whole diversity agenda is thoroughly wrong and misguided.  There is no Biblical moral imperative for each nation in the world, each community in the world, and each congregation in the world- especially in the richer white Western nations- to be racially and ethnically diverse.  The advocates of the diversity agenda are inventing ethical principles out of thin humanistic air, while they ignore the true Biblical moral principles summarized in the Ten Commandments.  Indeed, not only do they ignore the true Biblical moral principles, they actively advocate things which are contrary to true Biblical principles, as a means to their diversity agenda ends.   This diversity agenda cannot end well, any more than it did for ancient Babel.