Where Do I Think Things Will Go From Here?  by J. Parnell McCarter


Date: 11/14/16



God, who is sovereign over everything that happens and who has predestined the beginning to the end, is giving us Donald Trump as President of the USA. It has been my guess since June 2015 that this would happen. It has also been my prayer since June 2015 that it would happen, for the reasons I explain at . I am thankful this is what God brought about.  I think it signals that while Anglo America is still under divine judgment, it is likely not destined for total annihilation like some nations in world history, such as Edom and Parthia, but rather will lose its US empire, like Russia lost the Soviet empire.  Also, while a progressive dismantling of the Babel (aka Babylonian) model and movement towards a nationalist model does not in itself translate into Biblical Protestant Reformation, I think it is correct to say that it is conducive to such reformation long term, especially when that nationalism leans in a more Protestant direction.  God hates the Babel model and its "diversity agenda", as explained at, as well as use of Babel’s evaluative language (such as the terms “homophobic”, “Islamophobic”, “racist”, “sexist”, “gay”, “sexual orientation”, etc.).  Old Testament Israel in its moral aspects is the model God would have each nation to follow, not the model of Babel.  We are called to Protestant nationalism according to God's word.  We are also called to judge matters Biblically and use Biblical evaluative language. And, finally, we are called to accept that God unevenly distributes blessings to people and people groups, according to His prerogative as Creator and Redeemer of the world.

Where do I think things will go from here?  I am not a prophet, and so I have no special revelation from God.  I am just an ordinary guy who is trying to piece together the data in order to come up with what I think is a possible future scenario and arguably even the likely future scenario.  I submit this, recognizing I may get egg on my face if my guesses prove wrong, even as I risked egg on my face when I guessed since June 2015 that Mr. Trump would likely become President.

My starting point for studying the past or future history of the world is the Bible.  Even more specifically, the Book of Revelation is the source of knowledge of world history in the Christian era, for it is the divine prophecy of history from the Apostolic era to the future Second Coming of Christ and beyond.  For reasons explained in the book at (Rev. Wilhelmus a Brakel's commentary on Revelation and a foreword explaining its relevance today), we seem to be in that period of world history described in Revelation chapters 16-18.  This is a time when a modern Babel (which I have guessed is the USA), sitting atop the Romish Beast of 7 Hills, arises but ultimately falls.  Revelation chapter 19 details the aftermath of that fall, and Revelation chapter 20 describes the millennial reformation followed by the Great Day of Judgment.

Here is an outline of what I guess will happen from here (some elements of which are not guesses at all, but clearly taught doctrines of scripture, while others are clearly more conjectural):

·         It is likely that President Trump will largely enact the agenda he campaigned on, while also trying to hold the US nation together.  That agenda represents a progressive dismantling of some significant aspects of the Babel model.  In the course of enacting his agenda, I expect the nation will grow more and more divided, mainly along racial lines, but also including vigorous opposition from liberal whites who support the Babel model in its full blown expression.  I interpret Mr. Trump as a Gorbachev-like transitional figure who in some important ways dismantles what was wrongfully set up before him, yet (in the end unsuccessfully) tries to keep the empire together although it has a fundamentally faulty foundation.

·         The USA under President Trump is on a collision course with many of the other powerful nations of the world (especially in the EU), over issues such as climate change, Iran's nuclear program, Israel's policy toward the Palestinians, movement of people across national borders, and trade policy.  There is the distinct possibility this could end up in a major world war ("Armageddon") and a scenario in which the USA itself could fall as a final consequence.  The US fall would parallel the Soviet Union's fall, but with even more significant consequences, and under more violent circumstances.  (I have deep suspicions, based upon tell-tale signs, that the Vatican even wanted the rise of Mr. Trump, so that he could be a foil to the Pope on the world stage, and so that Rome could humble quasi-Protestant nationalism under Trump's leadership, by bringing the USA down while Mr. Trump rules.  But what the Vatican means for ill relating to Protestant nationalism, I think God is using for good long term.)

·         If the USA falls, it will likely break up along racial/ethnic lines, like the Soviet Union did.  Anglo America would end up with the greater portion of the US territory, similar to the way Russia ended up with much of the former Soviet territory.  The remainder would be ethnic homeland nations for the various American Indian tribes, African Americans, Mexican Americans, etc.  In this I am *not* asserting that these various ethnic nations, or Anglo America itself, will be "racially pure", any more than Russia today is "racially pure".  An ethnic homeland nation is just one where a certain people is explicitly the ruling majority people in that nation, and where other peoples are in the minority.

·       As US territory moves away from the Babel model, I would anticipate many American Jews, who have been major proponents of the Babel model here in the USA, will emigrate to Israel, even as many Jews have emigrated from the former Soviet Union to Israel in the last 30 years.  Once in Israel, Jews tend to migrate from adhering to the Babel model to the nationalist model.  It is in their self-interest to do so once they are in their own Jewish homeland, whereas for self-protection they have gravitated towards the Babel model in Gentile nations.

·       The Papacy (which is the Romish Beast of 7 hills with ten horns in Revelation) would then likely resume the superpower status it lost during the Protestant Reformation, following the fall of the USA.  Certain powerful nations of the world would give her this power, even as we read in Revelation 17:16-17 ("And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.  For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.")

·         During the period of Papal superpower status, the fullness of the Gentiles would likely enter the visible Christian church.  The Roman Catholic Church would be the major professedly Christian denomination, even as in many ways it has been.  Thus through this point Christendom would still be in a largely corrupted state, with many un-Biblical elements and even an unsound gospel.  This is true of the various branches of Christendom: the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and many of the nominally Protestant churches.  I would not be surprised if in this period, and the period leading up to it, a number of the nominally Protestant denominations even formally unite with Rome, as has been the objective of recent Popes.

·         The Jews would  then convert to Biblical Christianity, immediately following the fullness of the Gentiles having come into the Christian church (Romans 11:25).

·         The Jews would spearhead reformation and the extirpation of the Papacy from the world by the proclamation of God’s word (Revelation 19:20, II Thessalonians 2:8, Romans 11:15).  The Jews have been given the privilege by God to lead the Gentile nations of the world into a sound form of Christianity, and away from the spiritual corruptions which have plagued her, especially in modern times as history has moved away from the Protestant Reformation era.  With the extirpation of the Romish Papacy and kingdom from the face of the earth, the last manifestation of a Babylonian empire in world history will have been removed.

·         The nations of the world would join Jews in this renewed and worldwide Protestant Reformation. There would thus be a millennial Protestant Reformation, wherein the nations of the earth professedly submit to Jesus Christ according to the principles of the reformed Protestant faith. 

·         At the end of the "millennium" (likely not a literal 1000 years) there would be a significant rebellion of nations against sound reformed Christianity, likely led by many Gentiles of Germanic extraction, of which Anglos and Anglo Americans are a part.  Pride and materialism have been the recurring twin evils besetting the Germanic peoples, in a wrong response to the material blessing we have enjoyed from God.  It has gotten us into the current mess we find ourselves in before the "millennium", and it likely will get us into another mess as a people after the "millennium".

·         This rebellion will be cut short by the Second Coming of Christ, immediately followed by the Great Day of Judgment, and then the ushering in of the New Heavens and the New Earth for God's elect.


My fellow Americans, we are all responsible for the raising up of the modern Tower of Babel.  We are guilty, guilty, guilty; while God is holy, holy, holy.  God will dismantle this rebellious edifice brick by brick until it is left in ruins.


The above is my guess at the future course of history.  It is explained more fully in books and articles at , as well as the book described at .  For reasons explained there, I believe there is a distinct possibility the "millennium" will commence 2000 years after the resurrection of Jesus Christ  and 6000 years after the Creation of the world, so around 2033-2034 AD, which commences the seventh millennial "day" of world history.  Time will tell.  Thankfully, God is sovereign over all, and Jesus Christ will receive the glory, whether or not my every guess regarding future events is correct or not.