A Referendum on Globalism versus American Nationalism  by J. Parnell McCarter


Date: 07/25/16


I wish we could vote on the issue of globalism/open borders/amnesty of illegal immigrants/no wall along the US southern border/Muslim immigration/etc. versus American nationalism, via a referendum, similar to the way the British people had their Brexit referendum.  But, providentially, that is not the form this issue will present itself to Americans, but in the form of an election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Even for the British, of course, the referendum was made possible because Conservative Party leader David Cameron promised such a referendum if elected.  So in order to have that referendum, a majority of British people had to either vote for a Conservative Party candidate  or  a UKIP party (led by Nigel Farage) candidate.  A Labour Party victory in that election would have meant no Brexit referendum.


Hillary Clinton has clearly taken the side of continuing the globalist policy of Pres. Obama (e.g., in her call for amnesty ["immigration reform"] of illegal immigrants in her first 100 days in office, along with increasing Muslim immigration), whereas Donald Trump has taken the side of American nationalism.  Trump has campaigned promising to deport illegal immigrants, building a wall along the US southern border, and halting Muslim immigration.


The establishment leadership of both US political parties, as well as the establishment leadership of most American Christian churches, as well as the US mainstream media, have by and large taken the side of globalism, and have essentially labeled nationalism as sinfully racist.  Such a charge is without Biblical basis.  Rather it represents a misguided succumbing to the erroneous diversity agenda .


Let's make no mistake about this: globalism is national suicide for the American nation, even as it would be for the British nation or any other nation.  If the British people had not voted in favor of Brexit, they would have effectively voted for national suicide of the British nation.  There is only so much time Americans have to act to save their nation from such suicide, even as the British have had only so much time.  Once most of America becomes like California demographically, it may be too late, and that time is not in the distant future if present trends are allowed to continue much longer.  Even more illegal immigrants would flood into the USA.  History shows that there have been nations, even mighty nations, that came to be forever wiped off the face of the earth.  God has provided the option of Donald Trump as the most readily viable way to prevent national suicide.  If that option proves ineffective, either because Trump loses or does not keep his campaign promises, then other means may have to be considered.  But we should face the reality that all other options are fraught with more problems and uncertainty, and are not readily viable.


Such national suicide resulting from globalism would likely result in the USA being reduced to Third World status.  This in turn would likely be attended by the loss of constitutional and legal protections that Americans have historically enjoyed, along with endemic corruption in political practices.  All of the things Third World immigrants had sought to flee from their native lands in coming to the USA, would come to be present in the USA, as a result of a sustained globalist immigration policy.  The goose that lays the golden egg would be killed, and the USA would likely descend into an even worse moral condition than its already current sorry state.  There would likely be two sets of laws, one for the rich and powerful, and another for the common people.  Hillary Clinton has already shown a strong taste for such Third World justice.  Protestantism would be further reduced, while Roman Catholicism and Islam would be elevated.  Furthermore, as Anglo Americans become a minority, there is good reason to believe they would be oppressed, even as happened to the whites in Zimbabwe and now also in South Africa.

I plan to vote for Donald Trump because I am a Protestant Anglo American nationalist, but my vote for Trump does not come without grief related to the concerning character and past of Mr. Trump, the fact that he appears to be unconverted to true Biblical Christianity, etc.  He has manifested a lack of self-control with respect to his sexual passions.  In this, he is not so unlike such Jewish nationalist leaders as Samson, David, and Solomon.  Even arguably more concerning is his abundant pride.  He has a completely unrealistic view of his ability to "make America great again".  He also fails to see his great sinfulness as a fallen son of Adam, and the need to come to God begging forgiveness in Christ.  We can only hope that God might enlighten Donald Trump.  He did provide one spark of hope in this direction in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, saying,  I would like to thank the evangelical and religious community in general who have been so good to me and so supportive...and I’m not sure I totally deserve it.”  Hopefully he might one day realize that if he is undeserving of the support of the very corrupt Christian church, how much more he is undeserving of the support of the thrice holy God.

On the other hand, it seems to me it can well be argued that we Americans and the American Christian church do not deserve  a God-given provision to save us from national annihilation, such as hopefully may be found in Donald Trump.  We deserve to be wiped off the face of the earth as a nation due to our great whoring after sin and rebellion. Here is someone who says he will protect Christians and Christianity, professes to be a Trinitarian Christian,  has put forward a list of Supreme Court appointees which lean in a more sound judicial direction, selected a VP running-mate professedly "evangelical Christian", has said he will protect Second Amendment gun rights, and has said he will halt Muslim immigration. He did not thwart a very conservative Republican platform (see / , which thankfully upholds marriage is between one man and one woman.  That God has provided such to Americans is more than we deserve. 


In my opinion, since the alternative to a vote for Trump is the direction of national suicide, the conviction of my conscience is to take the most readily viable step to prevent it.  This in no way alters my conviction to remain in the Reformation Party ( and not to join the Republican Party, pursuing its ideals, which at this stage must principally be pursued at the local level.  I plan to vote for Trump because this election is effectively a referendum on globalism versus American nationalism, and I vote for American nationalism.