On Immigration by J. Parnell McCarter

Rome and her all too many lapdogs within the professing Protestant church are purveying the un-Biblical positions promoted in the article at*  The Protestant church should be defending property rights of nations as well as individuals, but in all too many cases much of the professing Protestant church has abdicated its responsibility to defend the moral law summarized in the Ten Commandments, including on the issue of property rights.  Nations have property rights, such that foreigners cannot move in at will to any nation, any more than an individual has a right to barge into someone else’s home and make it their own too. Indeed, open borders over course of time is tantamount to national suicide.  Accompanying the significant failure of much of the professing Protestant church to defend property rights is the denial of the scriptural meaning of the word “nation” (Greek ethnos) and its implications regarding the scriptural norm for political order.  The primary meaning of the word “nation” in scripture is “a certain ethnic people”.  The scriptural assumption and norm is that political units will typically consist of the territory ruled by a certain ethnic people.  Grasping nations that form empires are typically treated in an unfavorable light in scripture.  Consider, for example, the case of the “beasts” in Daniel’s prophecy.  And consider the difference between the model nation of Israel versus the pagan Babel empire.  But much of modern Western culture, having embraced certain erroneous and un-Biblical tenets of Cultural Marxism, deplores this idea of ethnic nations.  Much of the professing Christian church has Christianized what are essentially the pagan ideas of Cultural Marxism.  Love is then re-defined from its scriptural contours to Cultural Marxist contours.  In reality, Cultural Marxist tenets are really just historically Romish notions re-packaged in a modern framework.  Rome has long stood opposed to the sovereignty of Protestant nation-states.  It seeks a world-wide empire under one ruling human authority who is the Anti-Christ.  The waning of sound Biblical Protestantism not surprisingly therefore has been accompanied by the rise of Romish and Cultural Marxist tenets, and sadly embraced by many professing Protestants. 

Since so much of the professing Christian church has embraced and been promoting tenets of Cultural Marxism, the Western world has sadly had to look to people who are frankly less religious like Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders and Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump to oppose Cultural Marxism and its implications.  This is very sad indeed, because it should be the conservative orthodox Protestant church that is leading the charge against it.  We need strong Protestant nationalists again like John Wyckliffe, John Hus, Martin Luther, John Knox, William of Orange, etc. to arise by God’s grace and stand up against this un-Biblical ideology that wreaks social havoc and establishes an ethical code alien to scripture.  We need real Protestant repentance and reformation.

*The article reads: “First, we should clarify that there is not the slightest shred of biblical justification for any government to legislate against the free movement of law-abiding citizens from one country to another. There should be no laws against immigration… Christians are called to welcome migrants into their communities.  As we’re welcoming immigrants into our churches and communities, we may find it necessary to resist or even refute some of the myths and half-truths which are gaining traction in our media and elsewhere, and which tend to generate an atmosphere in which these newcomers feel less than welcome.  Naturally, the arrival of new faces, new cultural practices, and new languages in our churches may pose all kinds of challenges. And it is we, as members of the body of Christ, who have the privilege of overcoming them. If our new members don’t speak fluent English, we should teach them; if they don’t have jobs, we should help them to find them; if they find themselves on the sharp end of our politicians’ tongues, it is we who should speak up for them. A principled, courageous, Christian defense of the poor and needy requires nothing less.”