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Red Flag Laws

A Response to Objections to the Articles of Confederation

How the Patriot Forefathers Used Committees of Correspondence

Lessons from the Zionist Movement for Anglo-American Patriots

Practical Ways Anglo-American Patriots Can Assist the Cause

Anglo-American Patriots Should Seize the Moment

Californian Partition Efforts Should Be Wedded With Effort to Restore the Articles of Confederation

Summary of the Cause

Goal of Committees of Correspondence in Every State of the USA

State Committees of Correspondence by State

Southern States' Rights Struggle Should Not Die but Rise and Win'%20Rights%20Efforts%20Should%20Not%20Die%20but%20Rise%20and%20Win.htm

An Important Inspiration

Union Under the Articles of Confederation Fulfills Northern and Western Aspirations As Well

“Unsuccessful” – Really?

The Illegal Replacement of the Articles of Confederation and Its Current Remedy

Should Southern States Abandon the Articles of Confederation?

The Northwest Ordinance Cries for a Return to the Confederated USA under the Articles of Confederation

A Most Fundamental Political Question: Which is the US Constitution?

Was it Futile for Anglo-American Patriots to Do This?

A Fundamental Political Choice for the USA

What Could Go Wrong? The Federal Fox Is Guarding the States’ Rights Henhouse

The Federalist Dream is the Anti-Federalist Nightmare : The “Global Nation”

Exposing Abuses of Power by Federal Government

Unlike the Federal Government, Our Cause Will Follow Legal Procedure, by God’s Grace

A Political Parable

A Personal Perspective on Current Political Circumstances

Historical Vindication of Confederations

Importance of Partition to the Cause

A Decentralized Road to a Decentralized Destination

Depending Upon God in Our Cause

A Strategy of Political Victory for Conservative Republicans

Gun Rights Are Best Protected in the Articles of Confederation

Virginia as a Fitting First State

China and the USA: What is Good for the Goose, Is Good for the Gander

Brexit As Our Model

Virginian Gun Rights Gun Rights.htm

Using State Liberty Referenda After the Example of the Brexit Referendum

Supreme Danger in the Supreme Court Created by the Federal Constitution Court.htm

Crafting Legislation and Response for Vexit

Step #1

2A Citizens Militia for Michigan’s Ottawa County

2A Citizens Militia for Every Red County

2A Citizens Militia for Michigan’s Kent County

Whose Constitutional Advice Should American Patriots Heed?

American Patriots Today Should Follow Patrick Henry’s Course of Political Words for Liberty Backed Up By Military Organization and Equipage to Defeat Any Tyrannical Opposition

While liberal elites are busy…

Proposal for Partitioning in Texas and New Mexico

Conservative Republican Patriots Should Take Advantage of the Deep Split in the Democratic Party to Effect State Partitions

The Need for Prepared Citizen Militias in all of the Red Counties

Growing Evidence of Centralized Federal Empire Dissolution After the Example That Occurred in the USSR

Alert: The Federal Government Is In Charge of Managing the Coming Coronavirus Pandemic

The “2A” Grass-Roots County Effort, Including for Ottawa and Kent Counties of Michigan

Recently Published Video Documents How the USA is In the Process of Partitioning Out Blue Areas

The New England Articles of Confederation as Precedent for the USA Articles of Confederation

A Difference in Religious Posture

Response to Facebook Cancelation Actions

The USA’s Original National Flag and Original Constitution Clearly Manifest Our Core Identity As A Christian Anglo-American Nation Upholding Liberty: We Should Restore Both

Three Efforts Back to US Liberty

The Future of the US Federal Government and its Implications on a Return to the Articles of Confederation

The Confederation Period

Do Not Concede and Do Not Surrender

Some News and Information Sites That Have Not Fully Capitulated to the Wicked Modern Babel Agenda

Powerful Firsthand Testimony of a Poll Watcher in Detroit

Example Email We Recommend Our Friends and Neighbors Send to Their State Legislators In Response to the Evidence of Massive Election Fraud