Our Postmillennial Future versus Globalismby J. Parnell McCarter


Date: 08/20/16


Rev. a Brakel, in his exposition on the Book of Revelation (see ), envisioned a day when the nation of Israel would lead the Gentile nations in a worldwide Protestant Reformation, and in the process extirpate Romanism through the preaching of the Biblical gospel. So long before the political nation of Israel existed, Rev. a Brakel believed God would providentially bring about the re-formation of the ethnic homeland nation of Israel, which he thought would likely be anticipated by the diminution and fall of the Ottoman Empire.The Ottoman Empire occupied much of the Middle East during Rev. a Brakel's day, including the current territory occupied by Israel. So he correctly anticipated that the Ottoman Empire had to be diminished in order for Israel to re-form. He also believed, based upon his compelling interpretation of Revelation, that the Jews would eventually convert to Biblical Christianity, after the fullness of the Gentiles had come into the Christian church, so they could then lead the renewed worldwide Protestant Reformation. The "millennium" would then be a period when the political nation of Israel, along with the other political nations of the Gentile peoples, would be run according to Biblical Christian principles, albeit with remaining sin, until the temporary falling away followed by the day of Jesus Christ's future return.


The scenario described above implies and assumes that the globalist ideology (see ) and "diversity agenda" (see ) are false.Globalist ideology dismisses the notion of ethnic homeland nations (see ), such as the political nation of Israel.It effectively calls for open borders.The political nation of Israel, or any Western nation for that matter, cannot survive long term if foreign peoples can freely flow into them.Globalist ideology would like to see a one world government, with mankind first and foremost citizens of the world.This is the ideology of Pope Francis, who would like to see the world under his control as "vicar of Christ".


Thankfully, there is good reason to believe Pope Francis and his globalist cohorts will not ultimately be able to thwart our postmillennial future, although they may succeed for a time.Globalist days are numbered, and Protestant nationalism will rise from the ashes by God's grace.