MONEY Talks…


Here is what it says:

“Listen, if you want to be known far and wide as a “science guy” in this world, you have to listen closely to ME.  The deep pockets in this world, the ones who can really take you places, insist that you support EVOLUTION.  You want to be on Public Broadcasting or one of the major networks or cable channels, you better toe the line.  The whole edifice of modern Western society depends upon it, or else we are going back to the dark ages of religion.  So listen closely to me, science guy, and I will take you places.

Heh, you over there.  OK, so you have decided not to be known as the “science guy” by the really big shots of this world. Not a smart decision, but you are not past all hope of salvaging.  So listen closely to ME.  If you want to have a creation science museum that really makes an impact, you have to understand what Americans love and what they detest.  Let me tell you what they love; they love their FREEDOM.  In fact, the only thing I can think they love more than their FREEDOM is ME, and sometimes I am not even so sure about that.  So listen up.  You cannot afford to press this issue of the total depravity of man and the complete sovereignty of God too much or too clearly.  And they do not want to hear how they better obey the Ten Commandments.  You mention these things too clearly or too much, and you are going to alienate a large portion of your customer base.  You do these things, and you are going to have a two-bit museum that no one will want to visit except perhaps a few idealistic fools who will never get anywhere in this world and may not even visit your museum anyway.  You need a big ministry if you are going to take on EVOLUTION.  In addition, what is going to happen to revenues of your museum if you keep it closed on Sunday, that some call the Lord’s Day?  That is when a lot of Americans want to come to the museum and have time to do so.  In fact, they think they are doing God’s service by coming to a creation museum on that day.  It is better than the fact they watched the Super Bowl on that day, right?  So you keep that museum open then.  But not only that, do not emphasize this matter of the significant limitations of science in understanding the past.  After all, you have a creation *science* museum.  There are a lot of people counting on you to prove to them from science that the Bible is true.  That is what they believe, and if you want them to come to your museum and to listen to you as a scientist, you better not undercut your importance in their eyes.  Do not let these people down.  And while at it, stick with George McCready Price’s basic model of how this all came to be and how we can know it from science and the Bible.  You are not going to go anyplace with your ministry or museum without that model.  Even if the “science guy” points out things that bring it into real question, you can count on most of your customer base sticking with you, because they believe their Christianity depends upon it.

And you guys over there, you need to listen closely to ME too.  Your churches and seminaries, which you call “reformed”, need members and donors to keep them alive and thriving.  If you start weeding out those who are really not qualified from the ranks of its elders, deacons, theological faculty, seminarians, and communicant members, you are going to be left decimated and with a trickle of money coming in.  You have to be realistic here.  For the greater good, listen to ME.  You keep on the course that you are going.

TRUTH?  What does HE know?  There are all sorts of people with all sorts of opinions, that call themselves “Christians” and otherwise.  What fool would believe there is one TRUTH outlined in some aged documents called the “Westminster Standards”?  If you want to get things done in this world, you have to listen to ME and not get too caught up in HIM.”


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