A Plea to FPCS Elders  by J. Parnell McCarter


In 1962 the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland (FPCS) issued a synodical “Declaration on Apartheid” as noted at .  My plea to the current elders of the FPCS is that such declaration be updated and amended.  My plea has been submitted in the form of a letter I have sent to a number of such elders.

While there are aspects of Apartheid South Africa I certainly disagree with, the idea of distinct nations for the different peoples, which the definition of ‘apartheid’ below allows for, I agree with provided it is a system which allows for exceptions like Old Testament Ruth, Rahab, and Uriah: - ... 2. any system or practice that separates people according to color, ethnicity, caste, etc. 


I believe on confessional grounds, and most importantly on Biblical grounds, that there is a Biblical form of “apartheid” so defined.  The principle of “lawful war”, as referenced in Westminster Larger Catechism Q. 136 and such prooftexts as Deuteronomy 20:1 (which speaks of the right of defense of Jewish national property rights by Jews), is predicated on such (ethnic) national property rights.  In the absence of such ethnic national property rights, there is little chance that individual property rights of the members of that (ethnic) nation will be maintained either.  For example, remove the right of the Jewish nation and its defense as the state of Israel to exist, or remove the right of the Afrikaner nation and its defense to exist, then in all likelihood the neighboring Arabs and black Africans will take away much or all of their individual property.  This sense of “apartheid” simply means separation of people according to ethnicity.  If there is no Biblical form of apartheid, but instead all separations of people according to ethnicity are immoral, then there can be no ethnic nations, which means there can be no morally valid ethnic national property rights.  Concretely, if Jews or Afrikaners cannot separate themselves from other peoples and have a nation which they rule, then there will be no Jewish or Afrikaner nation.  The FPCS synodical position no doubt allows for and recognizes individual property rights, but it can be interpreted as rejecting that there is any Biblical form of apartheid, and by so doing if consistently applied rejects explicitly ethnic nations and ethnic national property rights.  So while I agree and applaud FPCS defense of individual property rights, if it is accompanied by a rejection of any Biblical form of apartheid (which, to repeat, can allow exceptions such as we find in Old Testament Israel with Ruth, Rahab, and Uriah), then I see it as having very limited practical value in really protecting even individual property rights, much less ethnic national property rights. 

The Pope's globalist agenda then prevails, and the historic position of Protestants of the Reformation era is abandoned.  There was good reason during the Reformation that the Reformers (Wyckliffe, Huss, Luther, Zwingli, William of Orange, etc.) were Protestant nationalists, in defense respectively of England, Bohemia, Germany, Zurich, the Netherlands, etc.

Make no mistake about it too that this affects more than just ethnic Jews and Afrikaners.  As pointed out in my article on the immigration crisis in the USA, the USA is on a path where white Americans are swiftly losing their majority status in the USA, thanks in no small measure to the machinations of the Romish Church.  (The same is happening in Canada, especially propelled by Roman Catholic Canadian leaders like the Trudeaus.)  Reparations for non-whites is on the Democratic Party agenda, towards a long term direction of confiscating more and more property from white Americans.  The only practical Biblical way out of this escalating disaster is a Biblical form of apartheid for Jews (as represented in the nation of Israel), Afrikaners, white Christian Americans, white Christian Canadians, etc., in their respective areas of the world. This is why I seek for North American white Protestant Christians an equivalent of the Suidlanders of South Africa.

My plea to the elders of the FPCS is that they would not condemn such efforts and all forms of apartheid.