A Recommendation to Afrikaners - In Outline Form by J. Parnell McCarter

I would recommend that Afrikaners in South Africa re-embrace and re-adopt the same basic model for their civil governance as was introduced by Jan Van Riebeeck in the initial formation of South Africa, consisting of two principal features:

         Reformed Christian establishment

         Afrikaner ethnic homeland (wherein Afrikaner people are the ruling majority of an explicitly Afrikaner homeland), while the various other African peoples have their own homelands

This basic model discards with the current secularist, multicultural model which was adopted in 1994, while also different from the Apartheid model which preceded it.The Afrikaner people should not be browbeaten into accepting the current misguided and even wicked model of governance, to a great extent imposed by outside Western parties with essentially cultural Marxist leanings.This proposed model should be implemented by each Afrikaner community and Afrikaner-owned farm declaring itself part of such an Afrikaner homeland.There would be a peaceful partition of South Africa into ethnic homelands, with an Afrikaner homeland being one of them.

I recommend that such an Afrikaner homeland enter into a Treaty with the other ethnic homelands existing in South Africa.Such treaty could allow for tariff-free commerce and free transportation among each other, so as not unduly to impede commercial enterprise and friendly relations among each other.The Treaty could also spell out the procedures for further peaceful partitions, should future conditions warrant such.Finally, the Treaty could guarantee that within each homeland nation there would be no differentiation of civil or voting rights on the basis of race or ethnicity among the citizens of each, according to Biblical norms of justice.This would help to ensure no one would be treated unjustly as defined by scriptural standards simply on the basis of race and ethnicity within any of the three main Confederations.

I recommend that immigration into the Afrikaner homeland be strictly enforced.The main form of legal immigration would be those who would be able and willing to assimilate into an Afrikaner homeland.

I recommend that the reformed Christian religion, as set forth in the historic reformed confessional standards, be officially adopted as the established religion of the Afrikaner homeland.

This course should be pursued by Afrikaners by peaceful means, recognizing the rulers that be in the current South Africa, while at the same time insisting upon the right of such a homeland.