Ted Cruzby J. Parnell McCarter


Date: 03/07/16


I have guessed since June 2015 that Trump would win the Republican nomination and then the presidency, and I have guessed since early Fall 2015 that Cruz would be his VP running mate.I remain convinced that such is the most likely scenario.This scenario could happen in one of two ways:


1. Trump selects Cruz as his VP running-mate as a way to help unify the Republican Party, even though Trump does not have to do so to win the Republican nomination

2. Trump has to select Cruz as his VP running-mate in order for himself to get a majority of the delegates to win the Republican nomination


I believe Ted Cruz would like the VP slot because of what he could make out of it, beyond any predecessor, especially any recent predecessor.First, I think Cruz may well seek to use his VP role as President of the US Senate to its maximum extent, as actual presiding officer of the Senate ( has the guts to do with it what predecessors have not, not caring what his fellow Senators think.Second, I think he would seek to keep his current Senate seat representing Texas (see for a brief article on how this is possible).†† Combined, this would give him at least one vote on every issue before the Senate, and two votes in cases of a Senate split (which is highly possible, since the Senate may well become around 50-50 Republican-Democrat). Given that Ted Cruz is one of the shrewdest men in Washington, DC, as presiding officer of the US Senate he could wield significant power, especially in the realm of foreign affairs and judicial nominations.


In reality, Ted Cruz may not be constitutionally qualified to be President of the US, since he is arguably not a natural born US citizen, but he is unquestionably constitutionally qualified to be "President of the US Senate".In that capacity, he would have a lot of ability to checkmate Donald Trump in foreign and domestic policy wherever Trump became too "flexible", such as in nominations to the US Supreme Court.This would make true conservatives happy, and make them want to go out and vote for a Trump-Cruz Republican ticket. Also, he may be able to make sure that Supreme Court nominees during Trumpís term do believe he would be qualified to serve as US President (despite his birth in Canada), so that he might run and take office as US President after a Trump term.


Ted Cruz might savor such an unconventional path.And he may well serve as a good check on what Donald Trump could do as President.