Tell-Tale Signs of Déjà vu : Vatican Key to Alliance Bringing Down a Major Empire  by J. Parnell McCarter


Date 5/14/2020



The American public is largely ignoring Vatican moves with China and Russia, such as chronicled in articles like and .  I would suggest that reflects both a naivete regarding the Vatican, and more sadly a departure by American Protestants from our historic understanding of scriptural prophecy represented in historicism (see ). But before considering these current developments with the Vatican, let’s consider a portion of Vatican history in which Americans are more familiar with its role in bringing down a major empire: the 1980s.


Before and through the 1980s there was a clash of two major world empires, the US empire and the Soviet empire, called the “Cold War”. Here is how describes the Cold War: “The Cold War was a period of geopolitical tension between the Soviet Union and the United States and their respective allies, the Eastern Bloc and the Western Bloc, after World War II. The period is generally considered to span the 1947 Truman Doctrine to the 1991 dissolution of the Soviet Union.  Until the 1980s, there was basically a stalemate between the Western Bloc and the Eastern Bloc. But in the 1980s a powerful worldwide religious-political kingdom decided to tip the balance; that religious-political kingdom was the Vatican.  There are many websites that tell the story of the Vatican’s role in bringing down the Soviet empire, of which these are just a sample:,9171,159069,00.html – “…Reagan and the Pope agreed to undertake a clandestine campaign to hasten the dissolution of the communist empire. Declares Richard Allen, Reagan's first National Security Adviser: "This was one of the great secret alliances of all time." The operation was focused on Poland, the most populous of the Soviet satellites in Eastern Europe and the birthplace of John Paul II. Both the Pope and the President were convinced that Poland could be broken out of the Soviet orbit if the Vatican and the U.S. committed their resources to destabilizing the Polish government and keeping the outlawed Solidarity movement alive after the declaration of martial law in 1981… According to aides who shared their leaders' view of the world, Reagan and John Paul II refused to accept a fundamental political fact of their lifetimes: the division of Europe as mandated at Yalta and the communist dominance of Eastern Europe. A free, noncommunist Poland, they were convinced, would be a dagger to the heart of the Soviet empire; and if Poland became democratic, other East European states would follow… "The Administration plugged into the church across the board," observes Derwinski, now Secretary of Veterans Affairs. "Not just through the church hierarchy but through individual churches and bishops. Monsignor Bronislaw Dabrowski, a deputy to Cardinal Glemp, came to us often to tell us what was needed: he would meet with me, with Casey, the NSC and sometimes with Walters." John Cardinal Krol of Philadelphia, whose father was born in Poland, was the American churchman closest to the Pope. He frequently met with Casey to discuss support for Solidarity and covert operations, according to CIA sources and Derwinski. "Krol hit it off very well with President Reagan and was a source of constant advice and contact," says Derwinski. "Often he was the one Casey or Clark went to, the one who really understood the situation." - “journalists Carl Bernstein and Marco Politi provide an astonishing look at Pope John Paul II… John Paul II would come to dominate his era much as Churchill dominated his, ultimately fashioning an alliance with Reagan to reverse Yalta and hasten the demise of Communism.” - “From the first day of his election, John Paul II's pontificate raised concern in Central Committee headquarters. The Canadian reporter, Eric Margolis, described it this way: "I was the first Western journalist inside the KGB headquarters in 1990. The generals told me that the Vatican and the Pope above all was regarded as their number one, most dangerous enemy in the world." Soon enough, people of all sorts--world leaders, clandestine dissidents and ordinary Catholics--sensed the Communists were impotent before the Polish Pope… Again and again, people told us that it was. John Paul II's 1979 trip was the fulcrum of revolution which led to the collapse of Communism. Timothy Garton Ash put it this way, "Without the Pope, no Solidarity. Without Solidarity, no Gorbachev. Without Gorbachev, no fall of Communism." (In fact, Gorbachev himself gave the Kremlin's long-term enemy this due, "It would have been impossible without the Pope.") It was not just the Pope's hagiographers who told us that his first pilgrimage was the turning point. Skeptics who felt Wojtyla was never a part of the resistance said everything changed as John Paul II brought his message across country to the Poles. And revolutionaries, jealous of their own, also look to the trip as the beginning of the end of Soviet rule. It took time; it took the Pope's support from Rome--some of it financial; it took several more trips in 1983 and 1987. But the flame was lit. It would smolder and flicker before it burned from one end of Poland to the other. Millions of people spread the revolution, but it began with the Pope's trip home in 1979. As General Jaruzelski said, "That was the detonator."

The reason the Vatican is the key partner in bringing down a major empire like the Soviet Union is because it can destabilize an empire from within, whereas other alliance partners for the most part only threaten it from without.  But to bring down a powerful empire, especially in an era of nuclear weaponry where external attack alone would likely result in destruction of both sides, requires a partner that can destabilize the empire from within.  In the case of the Soviet empire, the Vatican focused its destabilization effort in Poland- a member of the Warsaw Pact and Eastern Bloc- and the rest is history.

Now let’s consider tell-tale signs of what the Vatican is doing under the leadership of a different Pope, this one not despising communism and the Soviet Union like Pope John Paul II, but this one (Pope Francis) despising capitalism and the capitalist US empire. This one not having come from within the Soviet sphere of influence of Eastern Europe, but having come from within the US sphere of influence of the Americas, with its Latin American resentments of the US role there. This one not opposing Jesuit Liberation Theology, but supporting it by his current statements and actions.  A seminar at Jesuit Fordham University in 2018 laid out the basic realities of the Vatican and Jesuit Order’s current predominant political posture, as described at :


·         Francis is warning that the current global capitalist system oppresses the poor and threatens the life of the planet, including efforts by the Trump administration to subvert the Paris Accords on climate change…”


·         “The pope is warning the world that global capitalism is "putting us in profound peril," said Sachs. As a result, Francis has emerged "as the most important person on the planet."


·         “Sachs agreed that the pope's sometimes-scathing statements on capitalism are a needed counterweight to American overconfidence that unfettered capitalism can provide a pathway out of the dual crises of climate change and economic inequality.


·         “But before the critique of capitalism and church social teaching could be discussed, the metaphorical elephant in the room — the continued onslaught of sex abuse issues afflicting the church — was addressed. David Gibson, director of the Fordham Center on Religion and Culture, which sponsored the event that drew an overflow crowd to a 400-seat lecture hall, noted that the church has to address the sex abuse crisis. But that doesn't preclude shutting down discussion of Catholic social justice teaching, he said.”

·         "Was the pope criticizing the United States? Is he a socialist?" the radio interviewer asked. The unnamed bishop said not to worry, that was how Latin Americans talk.”

·         Emba asked what the average person can do about overwhelming global issues. Tobin suggested a simple act of solidarity: Invite an immigrant family to dinner. Addressing the big issues on the planet, he said, can begin with a simple act of reaching out to the peripheries in the spirit of Francis.


Pope Francis has issued this message on multiple occasions, including the one in 2017 described at .  These resources paint a clear picture of where the Jesuit Pope Francis is seeking to lead the world:








Consider the sort of propaganda that Jesuits are publishing, condemned in the article at :


Why are America’s Jesuits going to bat for Communism?


Last week, a New York-based magazine published a 3,000-word article about Communism that failed to mention the murder of 50 million people — the lowest possible estimate — by Communist regimes during the 20th century… The author, Dean Dettloff, is indeed a hardline Communist. He’s a young Canadian supporter of the Marxist-Leninist Party for Socialism and Liberation, which deplores China’s move away from Mao’s ideological purity and hates Gorbachev for destroying the Soviet Union.  But who published him? America magazine, the century-old Jesuit periodical that is among the most influential Catholic publications in the United States… Dettloff is America’s Toronto correspondent. For two years, he has been writing partisan dispatches for America, making excuses for Venezuela’s narco-dictator, Nicolás Maduro, glorifying the far-left thugs of the antifa movement and never missing an opportunity to depict the United States as the Great Satan of capitalism. “The United States is bad. It’s not good. It would be better if it didn’t exist, and someday, whether by the march of historical contingency or extinction, it won’t,” he tweeted on the Fourth of July, which he called “an abhorrent and perverse holiday that Christians have reasons to hate.”… Dettloff, and his editors by implication, reserve their anger for the “unbridled terrorism” of capitalism… God only know what Pope Francis makes of this… As a pontiff, however, he seems unconcerned by the crushing of religion in China, with which the Vatican has signed a concordat that grants the Chinese Communist Party a say in the selection of Catholic bishops… But regardless of their views on Francis’ pontificate, American Catholics should be alarmed by Communist apologetics appearing in the pages of the country’s premier Jesuit journal…”

The Jesuits have always held that the “ends justify the means”, and that they have a right to topple governments they see as unfit.  Jesuit Liberation Theology is just a modern manifestation of this age-old philosophy, and there is good reason to believe Jesuit Pope Francis and the current Jesuit Order embraces it. Promoting illegal immigration is one means to their “liberating” end, but there are indications it is now going further than that. There is evidence the Vatican is joining in the new Cold War against the USA.  This new Cold War pits China-Russia-Iran together against the USA, as was manifested in their joint military exercises (see ).  As noted at :


“While relatively modest in scope, the trilateral exercise [in December] was still unprecedented and couched in terms of improving security,” he said. “While not a defence alliance, this growing convergence among the three countries should probably not be that surprising given that all three are also targets of American sanctions and oppose its unilateralism. “That naval exercise was also China’s implicit way of warning against any large-scale US military measure against Iran.”

Vatican political moves with China and Russia are part of the process. As noted at , in 2018 the Vatican and China signed an historic agreement:


The Vatican and China said yesterday they had signed a historic agreement on the appointment of Roman Catholic bishops, a breakthrough on an issue that for decades fuelled tensions between the Holy See and Beijing and thwarted efforts toward diplomatic relations…Theodore McCarrick, the former archbishop of Washington who resigned as a cardinal in July after facing allegations of sexual abuse, has been a regular envoy from the Vatican to Beijing, according to the Catholic News Agency. A sign of Francis’s eagerness to curry favour with the Chinese has been his refusal to meet the Dalai Lama, knowing such an encounter would anger Beijing. The thaw between the two powers has come under fire from some in the church. Two years ago, Cardinal Zen said a rapprochement would be “betraying Jesus Christ” and a “surrender”. The use of McCarrick, the Vatican well aware of his immorality and criminality, is described in more detail at : The fact that Pope Francis repeatedly dispatched the highly disgraced and compromised Cardinal McCarrick as an ad hoc diplomat to China to negotiate terms on behalf of the Holy See raises serious concerns about papal judgment and the integrity of the Vatican’s China Agreement. According to Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, Pope Francis was told that McCarrick was a notorious sexual predator who preyed on seminarians and that the Vatican had an extensive dossier on McCarrick’s personal corruption…Pope Francis steadfastly refused to comment about the Vigano allegations that he knew about McCarrick’s sexual predation and that Pope Benedict imposed sanctions on McCarrick, which were secretly lifted by Francis. reported this: “At least 7 more people told the Vatican they were sexually abused as boys by Theodore McCarrick, according to sources”.  McCarrick’s criminal sexual conduct, and the Vatican’s criminal coverup, suggest one motive for the Vatican joining an alliance to bring the US empire down: to upend disclosure and charges emanating from the USA against such criminal conduct reaching to the highest levels of the Vatican. Leaders in the Vatican, China, Russia, and Iran are all threatened by the US empire, so have common reason to want it brought down at this time.  The Vatican is the key member, because it has true insider status in the US Federal Government based in Washington, DC.  The Vatican and the Jesuit Order were key instrumental players in the raising up of the US Federal Government based in Washington, DC (see below), and they are positioned to be key instrumental players in its downfall, even as the Vatican was a key player in the downfall of the Soviet empire.

The agreement between the Vatican and China has been followed up by political moves described at and .  Jesuit-connected activities as described in the series of articles on Dr. Anthony Fauci starting at suggest cooperation of the parties (specifically China and the Jesuit Order) to use Covid-19 to weaken the USA and de-stabilize the current world order, as a precursor to bringing down the US empire.  As pointed out at , we should expect to see this happening during this period of history, leading towards the rise of the Jesuit Roman Catholic Pope and his Papal kingdom as the new superpower of the world, which is really just a resumption of the Papal kingdom’s former superpower status (Revelation 17:17).


Jesuit power in Washington, DC is long and significant, so the Jesuit Pope has power to bring down the US empire working from within.  Jesuit Georgetown University, founded in Georgetown (now a part of Washington, DC), was conceived and founded by Jesuit and later Archbishop John Carroll before it was decided to locate the Federal capital nearby:


Beginning in 1783, Carroll convened meetings of area clergy, mostly ex-Jesuits, at Sacred Heart Church in White Marsh, outside Annapolis, Maryland. This body, known as the General Chapters, resolved on November 13, 1786, that "a school be erected for the education of youth" and that the location for the school would be in Georgetown.[10][11] The site was influenced by Carroll's experience with Jesuit colleges in Europe, which were located in urban centers.[12] Port towns were used by Jesuits because of their missionary focus. By March 1787, they formed a fund raising committee, and Carroll solicited formal proposals for an "academy, at George-town, Patowmack-River, Maryland."[13] The District of Columbia's borders wouldn't be defined until the passage and implementation of the Residence Act in 1790.[14]


It was no accident that the Federal capital was located nearby, for the Carrolls were influential in the selection of the location. John Carroll’s “older brother Daniel Carroll II (1730–1796) became one of only five men to sign both the "Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union" (1778) and the Constitution of the United States (1787).[3] His cousin Charles Carroll of Carrollton (1737–1832) was also an important member of the Revolutionary Patriot cause, and was the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence (1776).” (  )  Relative Daniel Carroll, “cousin of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, and Charles Carroll "Barrister" was “educated at the Jesuit School at Bohemia Manor, Md., and at St. Omer's College, France; returned to Maryland in 1748; member of the Md. state executive council, 1778-1781; member of the Continental Congress, 1781-1783, signing the Articles of Confederation on March 1, 1781; appointed a delegate on May 26, 1787, to the convention that framed the Federal Constitution, and signed the Constitution; member of the Md. state senate, 1781-1789; president, 1786-1787; elected as a Pro-Administration candidate to the First Congress (March 4, 1789-March 3, 1791); took an active part in fixing the seat of government for the United States; appointed on March 4, 1791, as one of the commissioners to locate the District of Columbia and the Federal City and served until July 25, 1795, when he resigned; engaged in agricultural pursuits, his farm being the site of the present city of Washington” (see,-Daniel-(C000187)/ )  “One of three commissioners appointed to survey the newly designated District of Columbia and acquire land for the new federal capital in the District, Carroll was related to two major landowners whose land was acquired by the government, his brother-in-law Notley Young and nephew Daniel Carroll of Duddington. The new United States Capitol was to be built on the wooded hill owned by his nephew.[7]”” -


Charles Carroll of Carrollton sat on the board of the Potomac Company along with George Washington, setting the spark for the Federalist movement to replace the Articles of Confederation with the Federal Constitution. “Carroll saw the Constitution for his politics of spirit, which was rooted in Catholic corporatism.” He wanted the Federal Government to control money, and not the States. inherited vast agricultural estates and was regarded as the wealthiest man in the American colonies when the American Revolution commenced in 1775.” -


“Subdividing the federal city, or District of Columbia, into plats was the task of an artistic Parisian engineer named Pierre-Charles L’Enfant. According to Dr. James Walsh in his book American Jesuits, L’Enfant got the job through the intercession of his priest, John Carroll.” -



Jesuit influence is reflected in much of what the centralized Federal Government has become and promoted since its beginnings. This same power and influence can be used and is being used to bring the USA down, in order that the Jesuits can transition to the next phase in their agenda.


However, we should not fear that the coming phase of Jesuit power in the world is permanent.  Indeed, its days are very limited.  There is good reason to believe God will bring down the Jesuit Papal superpower and replace it with what is described in Jeremiah 12:15: “"And it shall come to pass, after that I have plucked them out I will return, and have compassion on them, and will bring them again, every man to his heritage, and every man to his land." John Calvin comments concerning this text:


"God does not only promise mercy here to the Jews, but also to heathen nations, of whom he would be the Judge, to punish them for the sake of his people. And that this passage is to be extended to aliens is evident from the context; for the Prophet immediately adds, “And it shall be, that when they shall learn the ways of my people, to swear in my name, Live does Jehovah, as they have taught my people to swear by Baal, then shall they be built in the midst of my people.” We hence see that God would not only shew mercy to the remnant of his elect people, but also to their enemies. If it be objected, — that thus God’s favor, manifested towards the children of Abraham, was obscured, the answer is, — that this availed much to confirm the hope of the faithful; for they had not only to look for their own salvation, but also for that of their enemies, whom God would gather together with them. Thus God rendered double his favor to the Israelites. The Prophet also in this place confirms in a striking manner the confidence of the faithful; for he says that God would be merciful even to their enemies for their sake, as they would be saved in common with themselves. We now then understand the object of the Prophet, when he declares, that God, after having drawn out the Gentiles from their own countries, would again be merciful to them, so as to restore every one of them to their own inheritance and to their own place." 


This verse gives great hope to all of mankind, for all of the nations (both the Jewish nation and the Gentile nations) shall enjoy the salvation in Jesus Christ. This salvation will not only have spiritual consequences, but also political consequences, for after divine judgments will follow a period when each nation and people group will be returned "to his heritage" and "to his land".  God will thus bring down every Babel that manifests itself in history (including the one prophesied in Revelation chapters 17 and 18).  Those who seek to maintain "Babel" will in the long term be greatly disappointed. It is God's plan that the earth will be covered with Biblical Christian ethnic homeland nations which serve the Lord.  For a further explanation of how this is prophesied, please see .