Remaining Wary, Focusing Locallyby J. Parnell McCarter


Those people who are trusting Republican or Democratic Presidential candidates for protection of the American people I think are making a mistake.  This post is not an argument not to vote for one of them.  Rather, it is an argument to remain wary even if voting for one of them.  And I strongly recommend focusing a lot of one's political efforts instead at the local level, where it is still possible for the little guy to make more of a difference, and powerful wicked interests have less of a chokehold.


From what I can tell, the only one of the Presidential candidates that has convincingly said he would ban Muslim immigration and deport illegal immigrants - two necessary elements of national protection- is Donald Trump.


Yet how much can Mr. Trump be trusted?


1. He has a terrible personal marriage record.

2. He has a terrible record on abortion, "gay rights", "gay marriage", etc.

3. He attended Jesuit Fordham University, and his son and daughter attended Jesuit Georgetown University.  There seems to be a family attachment to Jesuitism, which should cause many warning signs to flash.

4. He says he is a Protestant but does not understand the Biblical Protestant gospel.

5. He is a very proud man from what can be seen.



There are many evangelical Christians who say we should trust Senator Cruz instead.  I am dubious:


1. His campaign engages in questionable ethical practices.

2. He has said things to the "gay lobby" which should raise significant question marks.

3. His immigration stance raises many questions and doubts.

4. His understanding of the Biblical gospel raises question marks.



Senator Marco Rubio's candidacy is even more questionable than the above two:

1.  He had said when campaigning for senator that he was against illegal immigrant amnesty, yet worked for it in the immigration reform initiative in the Senate .

2.  There are questions whether he has participated in sodomy.

3.  He has the support of powerful sodomite lobbyists like Singer because they view him as favorable to their cause.

4. He is deceived by Rome.




All of the above claim to be Christian in some sense, but how sound a Christian and political leader are they really?


The same or worse could probably be said about the other candidates.


So when one votes, and if one votes, at least do so with great wariness that you have in fact made America safe in doing so.  Of course, if you do not vote, do so with as much or even greater wariness that you have made America safe in doing so, because one of the candidates is going to win, and you have just left the selection up to others who may have less Biblical understanding than you do.


I will repeat: my recommendation is to focus most of your political efforts at the local level, no matter your vote for President.