Township-wide Neighborhood Watch Program


The political solution to the USA’s national crisis lies not in Washington, DC, or even in state capitols. Rather, the political solution resides at the local level, beginning with a township-wide neighborhood watch program. What successfully begins and develops in one town can be multiplied to many towns, towards restoring the historic US constitutional model.


Below is an example communication recently sent to a local Township Board requesting a neighborhood watch program. 


Dear Board Members of _____ Township,


I would like to request the Township Board to authorize and promote a Township-wide Neighborhood Watch program. Based upon research I conducted, such is already being done in Polkton Township in Ottawa County and Cascade Township in Kent County:


The Polkton Township website states: “The Neighborhood Watch program is an effective crime prevention program that brings citizens and the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office together in order to deter crime in our communities.”  Cascade Township even has a full page dedicated to it on their website, which would be nice if Georgetown Township would do as well, along with possibly other things to help get the word out.


I am willing to volunteer and help if the Township decides to make this an officially-recognized program.  I think many other residents will also step forward to make this program a success, so that each neighborhood can have a volunteer elected coordinator.  In uncertain times, it is important for neighbors to know, help and look out for one another.  This is an inexpensive initiative/concept but it could get a lot of good done.


Thank you for your timely consideration of this request.





We must pray that God would bless our efforts.