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I highly recommend it.  Written by a Roman Catholic on the murder of Albioni Luciani (Pope John Paul I).  Yallop received scores of "leaks" from within the Vatican, from people who were themselves shocked with the whole affair.  His research is impeccable and exhaustive.

Interesting facts from that book...Luciani was murdered for, among other things, his resolve to excommunicate 100 top-ranking Vatican officials who were Freemasons.  At the time, Church canon law still forbade membership in the Freemasons (even though the Nazi Pope, Pius XII was himself a Freemason).  Also, of course, several of these Freemasons were co-conspirators in the Vatican Bank scandal, in which 2.4 billion US dollars were embezzled from the bank, having been funneled into "dummy" Panamanian accounts.  The masterminds of this scam were members of "P2", an Italian branch of the Illuminati.

Pictures speak a thousand words.  One enlightening picture is that of Luciani jovially speaking with a Cardinal, only three hours before his death--quite obviously in the pink of health.   Upon his death, he was pronounced dead of a "possible myocardial infarction."  "Possible?"  Since when would anywhere outside the Vatican anything short of an autopsy be permitted?  But an autopsy of Luciani was forbidden.  (I suspect he was poisoned.)

Subsequent to Luciani's murder, the following things happened:

1) Karol Wojtlya, the CIA's candidate, a Marxist, but anti-Russian, was elected.

2) Wojtlya "sat" on the banking scandal, until several European nations threatened to sue the Vatican bank for default on their money.  

3) Ronald Reagan then bailed out the Vatican Bank with $300 million of "discretionary CIA funds."  (Either our tax money or illicit CIA drug money.)  He also then signed a Concordat with the Vatican in 1983.  His reward?  The "Reagan Democrat" (i e, "Roman Catholic") vote.  The Vatican secured the 1984 election for Reagan.

4) Church canon law was reversed in 1982 so that membership in the Freemasons was no longer grounds for excommunication from the Church of Rome.



One example of confirmatory evidence for information disclosed in Yallop’s book as well as Avro Manhattan’s book ( see ) comes from a BBC article found at: , which will be quoted later.   It addresses the banking scandal that Pope John Paul I was about to investigate in 1978--when the Pope himself was murdered.  Likely by an overdose of digitalis.

Digitalis, being organic (from the foxglove herb), is not traceable in the body.  It's used to treat congestive heart failure, by making the heart pound harder.  Obviously, an overdose causes a heart attack.  But being organic, it is completely digested by the system almost immediately, though its effects take two to six hours to take effect.  Without a thorough examination, death would appear to have occurred through a  massive heart attack.  (There was no autopsy performed on John Paul I, interestingly.)

Many members of "P2"--the secret Masonic society to which Calvi belonged, as well as many Cardinals (who are still P2 members to this day) carry with them a fatal dose of digitalis--on the advice of the society's founder, Licio Gelli.  So they can commit suicide instead of "spilling the beans."  Because all the members of P2 know many things about each others' criminal dealings--including high persons in the Italian government, and in the Vatican.

Calvi was found hanged under Blackfriars Bridge in London in June 1982--shortly before a 1 billion dollar "hole" was about to emerge in the Vatican-owned Banco Ambrosiano.  However, the article below proves it was not suicide.  (Though it was obviously attempted to be made to appear to be so.)  Because forensic specialists rule suicide out, on the grounds of the evidence.  See below.

Some think the Mafia murdered him. [Of course, the Mafia are all “good” communicant Roman Catholics.]  Others think that Gelli, the Grand Master of P2 had him murdered.  Others think that the secret society so highly thought of by John Paul II--Opus Dei, did it.  It can be hard to tell.  Because many of the members of P2 are also members of Opus Dei.  Others think one of the above hired the Mafia to do it.

Opus Dei is so secret that not even the Pope knows the membership list.  And yet, the Pope just recently granted Opus Dei "prelature status."  Meaning, Opus Dei, through its Secretary General, answers directly to the Pope.  The bishops do not know anything of what that society does.

By the way, with regards to the one billion dollar "hole" in Banco Ambrosiano--Ronald Reagan, in 1982, gave the Pope "discretionary" CIA funds to cover the Vatican Bank's debt.  About 300 million dollars--which was enough to stave off the Bank's creditors.  In return for this, the Church of Rome saw to it that American Roman Catholics voted for Reagan in the next election.  Also, the Pope, as part of the "deal," then censured the Jesuits in Latin America for their role in sponsoring Communist revolutions under Castro's leadership.  (Castro was taught in two Jesuit institutions; he is likely a Jesuit himself.)  The Pope even had the Secretary General of the Jesuits, Pedro Arrupe, fired.  The last time a Pope did that---Clement III in 1767--the Pope was murdered.  However, the American CIA pledged their "protection" to the Pope from the Jesuits.  (Many of the CIA are also members of Opus Dei. &nb

The intrigue of the Vatican Banking scandal has woven its way into high places of the governments of this world.  The Vatican, according to Avro Manhattan, is also a major shareholder in J P Morgan Investment firm, Chase Manhattan Bank, and Bank of America.  


Below is an excerpt from the BBC article:


”Vatican's banker 'was murdered'

Calvi's body was found hanging under Blackfriars Bridge

A top financier found hanging from a bridge in London 20 years ago was murdered, forensic experts appointed by judges in Rome to investigate the death have reportedly said.   According to media reports, the panel said Roberto Calvi, who was nicknamed God's Banker because of his close ties to the Vatican, could not have killed himself as originally suggested.

Roberto Calvi's death remains a mystery 20 years on

They said his neck showed no evidence of the injuries usually associated with death by hanging and his hands had never touched the stones found in the pockets of his clothes.

The results of the investigation, based on a new autopsy of Calvi's body, will be reviewed by two judges in Rome presiding over the case, who will decide whether to order a murder trial involving the mafia, reports say.

Investigators suspect Calvi was killed by the mafia for failing to repay their "deposits" on demand.

The findings have yet to be officially handed over to the tribunal, Rome prosecutor Salvatore Vecchione said in reaction to the reports.

Friday's findings appear to confirm the results of forensic tests carried out earlier this year which reportedly showed the banker had been murdered.

Financial scandal

Calvi's son, also named Roberto, was quoted by La Repubblica newspaper as saying that although he was convinced the mafia carried out the murder, it was on behalf of a third party.

"Behind the mafia, there's someone else," he said, adding: "The politicians who gave the order must be found."

Mr Calvi's body was found hanging from scaffolding on Blackfriars Bridge in June 1982, days after the suspicious collapse of the Vatican-controlled Banco Ambrosiano.

His family has always maintained his death was not suicide.

When Calvi arrived in London, he was on the run, using a false passport.

His corrupt dealings had brought the bank to the verge of collapse with debts of more than $1bn.

Inquest verdicts

The case developed into one of the biggest political and financial scandals of the post-war era in Italy, with widespread speculation about mafia involvement and links to a shadowy Masonic group, known as P2.

Mr Calvi's body was exhumed four years ago, following his family's insistence that he had been killed.

Calvi was a member of the secret right-wing P2 Masonic lodge and was also linked to the Sicilian mafia.

The coroner initially recorded a verdict of suicide but, under pressure from the family, a second inquest was called and an open verdict was recorded.

In recent years more evidence has come to light, suggesting Calvi was murdered by the mafia to stop him divulging damaging details about links between the mafia, the Vatican and P2.”