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Petition #1 (at https://www.facebook.com/Petition-to-Delay-Spending-584167055070934/)

Request that the Township Board refrain from further construction, demolition or purchasing at or near 100-200 Main Street, including a Veterans’ site, until after the 2016 general election.

 Instead, we are asking the Board to use this time to make their case to the voters, and once there is a full mandate of an election, then proceed with implementation.  These are some very controversial matters, and even the current Board is split about them.  And it does not make sense to be spending money on something that possibly may be un-done by the next Board, and the money unnecessarily wasted.

Petition #2 (at https://www.facebook.com/Petition-for-Candidate-Debates-831316617014833/)

Request for a series of debates and public forums of all the candidates for the Township Board this election year.  We hope that all candidates will participate, and we hope that the Township will let us use the Township facility meeting room for most of these, and that they be videotaped and uploaded to the internet.  We are also suggesting one or more such events to occur on a public forum provided by the local group “For the Love of Georgetown Township”.

Petition #3

I am asking registered voters to sign a petition to let me run for Township Trustee and appear on the general election ballot.  I am asking this even of those who have no plans to vote for me, simply to give me the opportunity to participate in the discussions and debate.

Contract with Georgetown Township of 2016

In addition to these 3 petitions, a CONTRACT WITH GEORGETOWN TOWNSHIP OF 2016, patterned after the successful Contract with America of 1994, is being prepared by Joseph Parnell McCarter, with the input and feedback of as many Georgetown residents as possible.  This contract  seeks to provide a detailed Township plan of action which the Board elected in 2016 can act upon once in office.  Voters can decide on election day whether they support the Contract by voting or not voting for the candidate or candidates who agree with this Contract.  Voters should be well informed of what their candidate stands for and plans to do in office when voting for that person.


Paid for By the Committee to Elect Joseph Parnell McCarter for Georgetown Trustee.