The Future of E-Book Technology and the Puritans’ Home School Curriculum


Over the next several years we can expect significant improvement in e-book technology.  This will mean hand-held, book-size color computer screens for reading documents in digital formats (so called e-books) will become available at increasingly affordable prices.   This should revolutionize book distribution, because more people will be downloading books from internet websites into their e-books, rather than buying traditional paper books.  Such products in fact are already in use.  But the prices for such products need to come down and the quality to rise in order to expand their usage beyond its current level.


The Puritans’ Home School Curriculum (PHSC) is well poised for this revolution in books.  It will provide e-texts (i.e., books and documents in digital format that can be downloaded from the internet) on-line, as well as rely upon other free e-text sources such as Project Gutenberg and NetLibrary.  The NetLibrary alone now consists of over 31,000 titles available on-line.  Michigan public libraries have access to thousands of titles through MEL eBooks.  The PHSC books are in Adobe pdf format, which is the most popular format today for e-texts. 


In the meantime, those who do not want to read the PHSC textbooks from either an e-book or a traditional personal computer connected to the internet, can print them out from their computer printer and place them in a 3-ring binder.  But we believe that just as God employed the printing press of Gutenberg’s day to promote the spread of reformed Biblical truth through books, He is today employing modern internet and digital technology to promote the spread of reformed Biblical truth through e-books.  PHSC capitalizes upon the opportunity.


For further information on e-book technology, refer to the following website: