By J. Parnell McCarter

Puritan News Service



When it comes to Bill Clinton, it does not take in-depth investigation to discover his degenerate moral compass: it is on the surface.   At least by the end of his Presidency his Big Bible and Southern Baptist membership could fool only the most gullible of citizens.  But with the Bush Family, including George W. Bush, more thorough investigation is required.  In this article, we shall share with you just some of the information we have found.


Let’s first consider some articles that address George H.W. Bush’s and his son George W. Bush’s membership in the  Skull and Bones society and what this membership implies regarding their ties to moral degeneracy.  During the 1980 Presidential campaign George W. Bush’s membership in Skull & Bones became an issue.  In response, The Atlantic magazine ran a series of articles detailing the findings of their investigation.  Here is an excerpt of The Atlantic (http://www.theatlantic.com/issues/2000/05/robbins2.htm) from these articles :



“The initiation ceremony, held in April, involves as many alumni, or "patriarchs," as possible, one of whom in each instance serves as the supervisor, known as Uncle Toby. The Inner Temple is cleared of furniture except for two chairs and a table, and Bonesmen past and present assemble: Uncle Toby in a robe; the shortest senior, or "Little Devil," in a satanic costume; a Bonesman with a deep voice in a Don Quixote costume; one in papal vestments; another dressed as Elihu Yale; four of the  brawniest in the role of "shakers"; and a crew of extras wearing  skeleton costumes and carrying noisemakers…at one point in the proceedings every initiate kisses the slippered toe of the "Pope." At last the initiate is formally dubbed a Knight of Eulogia. Amid more raucous ritual he is cast from the room into  the waiting arms of the patriarchs...


Yet Skull and Bones was not relegated entirely to George W.'s  past after he graduated. In 1971, having been rejected by the University of Texas Law School and needing a job, Bush called a Bonesman, Robert H. Gow.  Gow, who later told The Washington Post that his Houston-based agricultural company had not been looking for anyone at the time, hired Bush as a management trainee. In 1977, when Bush formed Arbusto Energy, his first company, he once again applied to Skull and Bones for financial aid. With assistance from his uncle Jonathan Bush (Bones '53), he lined up $565,000 from twenty-eight investors. One of them contributed $93,000 -- the California venture capitalist William H. Draper III (Bones '50). Twelve Bonesmen (including family members)and the son of a patriarch gave a total of $35,500 to Bush's 1998 gubernatorial campaign. At least forty-six Bonesmen or sons of patriarchs have given approximately $1,000 apiece to his presidential campaign -- the maximum allowed by law.


Not surprisingly, loyalty often flows in the other direction. In 1984 Bush flew to Tennessee to accompany the Republican Senate nominee and Bonesman ('67) Victor Ashe on a  seven-city tour. Ashe lost to Al Gore...”



Here is an excerpt from a Yale Herald article at http://www.yaleherald.com/frosharticle.php?Article=810 providing more information about the debauched cultic character of Skull and Bones:


                  Summer 2002  |  Something Blue


                  Behind the sacred walls of Yale's

                  secret societies


                  BY MOLLY BALL AND EMILY BELL


                  While the past three presidents of the United State hold Yale degrees, two of

                  them are members of one of Yale's more infamous secret societies: President

                  George W. Bush, DC '68; and his father, former President George H.W. Bush,

                  DC '48. Recent exposure in the big-budget thriller Skulls and a more

                  intellectual Atlantic Monthly article has only added to the mystique and

                  notoriety (or infamy) of Yale's exclusive societies.


Although societies such as Skull and Bones, Book and Snake, and Scroll and Key

are inextricably linked to the Yale name, these societies play a small part in

                  the lives of most undergraduates, since they consist solely of a few seniors.

                  Nonetheless, the looming and mysterious presence of their respective "tombs"

                  and the awe they inspire make secret societies a very intriguing aspect of the

                  Yale environment.


                  There are reportedly about a dozen senior-only secret societies, only a few of

                  which have tombs. The oldest, Skull and Bones, was founded in 1832. Not all

                  secret societies date back that far; some formed in response to the entrenched

                  elitism of their better-known counterparts. Most choose juniors and conduct

                  interviews at the end of each year, though some societies actually accept



                  The dark, ancient "tombs" where the societies meet add to their air of bizarre

                  mystery. Hardly noticeable to the casual passer-by, the tombs have few or no

                  windows and are enclosed by locked gates. One rarely sees anyone go in or

                  out, and the details of what transpires inside are kept secret. Rumor has it that

                  Skull and Bones has the highest water bill in all of New Haven—enough to fill

                  several swimming pools every month. Rumpus, Yale's campus tabloid,

                  routinely reports on societies' alleged naked parties and debauched rituals.


                  Most societies meet Thursdays and Sundays for dinner. Sometimes a guest

                  from the community, such as a professor or local businessman, is invited to

                  speak. Often, societies have members present their "autobiographies," revealing

                  personal details—from childhood scars to sexual exploits—using props or

                  slides. "Normally, you become friends with people and then get to know them;

                  here, you get to know people and then you become friends with them," one

                  tapped junior said…”


The Today Show, in a segment entitled “Skull and Bones, the Ivy League, and the Hidden Paths of Power”, noted Alexandra Robbins investigation into Skull and Bones:


           Sept. 4 —  Inside a cold, foreboding structure of

           brown sandstone in New Haven, Conn., lives

           one of the most heavily shrouded secret societies

           in American history. Yale’s super-elite Skull and

           Bones, a 200-year-old organization whose roster

           is stocked with some of the country’s most

           prominent families: Bush, Harriman, Phelps,

           Rockefeller, Taft, and Whitney. Journalist

           Alexandra Robbins, herself a member of another

           of Yale’s secret societies, interviewed more than

           a hundred Bonesmen and writes about the rituals

           that make up the organization. Read an excerpt

           from her book ‘The Secrets of the Tomb’ below....


Information about Alexandra Robbins’ book ‘The Secrets of the Tomb’ can be found at http://www.secretsofthetomb.com/excerpt.php . 


Despite the very disturbing nature of the ritual and activity of Skull and Bones, it should be noted that George W. Bush has never repented of and rejected it.  To the contrary, there is evidence that he is still enslaved by the moral degeneracy that characterizes Skull and Bones.


For example, George W. Bush’s association with sexual perversion in Skull and Bones has spilled over into his government appointments while president.  At http://www.puritans.net/news/sodomy010203.htm we ran an article on the Bush record on sodomy.  It is a record marked by a significant number of high level appointments of sodomites.


Furthermore, there is evidence that sexual perversion is a continuing aspect of George W. Bush’s own personal life.  Specifically, there is evidence that George W. Bush has on-going sexual relations with a fellow Skull and Bones member (Victor Ashe) who was George W. Bush’s roommate at Yale.   You will note in The Atlantic article quoted earlier how “in 1984 Bush flew to Tennessee to accompany the Republican Senate nominee and Bonesman ('67) Victor Ashe on a  seven-city tour.”  Victor Ashe- besides having been a fellow Skull and Bones member, roommate and cheerleader with George W. Bush – has a public reputation of being a sodomite in Knoxville, Tennessee where he is mayor.   For example, the Knoxville Green Party has this to say at its website  http://www.geocities.com/knoxvillegreenparty/greendwijokes.html :


“It's rumored that NOxVile's mayor, Victor/Victoria Ashe, whose momma (who took Vic's place when busted for "underage legislating") was arrested for hit-and-run while hiding out at the mayor's house, is suspected of two arrests. One was in Washington DC and the other was in Atlanta, while he was a state legislator. They allegedly involved arrests while picking up homosexual prostitutes in  public restrooms while dressed in a dress. Our mayor also was allegedly  introduced on live TV as "The gay mayor from Knoxville," at a national mayor's conference in San Francisco. Mayor Ashe is rumored to have refused changing Gay Street's name to something less, er, gay, preferring instead the name "Gay Way." And, of course, as a lying, two-faced politician, he supports George Bush banning gays from military employment (he said while the TV news braodcast alleged the Republican mayor was a Democrat while bragging about about taxing and spending the city into bankruptcy).”



It is disturbing that George W. Bush would have close ties with a man of such a poor reputation.  Consider, for example, this item from an article at News Max (http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2001/8/17/183848.shtml) :


Ashcroft Is Bush's 'Johnny Appleseed'


                         John L. Perry

                         Saturday, Aug. 18, 2001


“…In East Tennessee, solid GOP territory, Ashcroft had $200,000 to  bestow on the police of Knoxville, whose Mayor Victor Ashe was George W. Bush's roommate at Yale University…”


And consider this item from an article at http://www.usmayors.org/uscm/us_mayor_newspaper/documents/07_23_01/ashe_fannie_mae.asp :


“President George W. Bush has announced the appointment of Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe, a Past President and current member of the Executive Committee of The U.S. Conference of Mayors, to the Board of Directors of Fannie Mae, the nation's largest source of financing for home mortgages. Ashe is the first mayor to serve on Fannie Mae's Board of Directors.”


Even more disturbing than George W. Bush’s close ties with Victor Ashe past and present are multiple allegations of homosexual relations coming from former Secret Service agents who worked for the Presidential Administration.  Skolnicks’ Reports, which is linked from Puritan News Weekly, chronicles this testimony.


Below is more information relating to this sordid story:


http://www.mail-archive.com/ctrl@listserv.aol.com/msg95880.html -


SKOLNICKS: "Some top U.S. military flag officers are aware of the

           correctness and validity of our exclusive stories of George W.

           Bush and his male sex-mate since University and Skull & Bones

           initiation and up to date. These flag officers are gravely

           concerned with the national security ramifications of this

           relationship which is not a private and personal matter. The

           situation has caused the murder of a magazine photo editor [The

           CIA's National Enquirer in Ft Lauderdale, Florida - the first

           person killed by anthrax post 9-11-2001, with entire building

           permanently shut down by FBI] as well as causing George W. Bush

           to be subject to blackmail and compromise of Bush resulting in

           his conveyance to sworn enemies of the United States, and giving

           them aid and comfort, of U.S. financial, industrial, and military




With that in mind, the following web sites mention suspicions that Victor Ashe, Mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee, is W's longtime gay partner. Ashe is an open homosexual, who has been described in news stories as sexually active and  promiscuous. This would place him at high risk of contracting AIDS, and he may have then passed it onto  President Bush (as Skolnick claimed):





Skolnick later said that O'Neill was sacked as Treasury Chief because he was unable to stop Secret Service agents from leaking the Ashe affair to the press, or from quitting their jobs in disgust (Secret Service reports to the Treasury Department), among other things:




Returning again to The Atlantic and Yale Herald  articles on Skull and Bones, you will recall how the initiation ritual included both sexually perverse acts as well as an act of deference to the Pope.  We have noted in other Puritan News Weekly articles and book reviews how sexually perverse acts seem to be part and parcel of the “religious” activity of certain high level Vatican officials.  The late Malachi Martin – a former Vatican official- has testified to this fact.  As noted at http://www.puritans.net/news/malachimartin.htm :


“Martin claims that a good deal of the child molestation occurring now is actually Satanic worship.  Part of the Luciferian rites of many of the priests, nuns, and hierarchy.  He intimates that many who engage in this kind of "worship" are indeed secret Masons.”



The documented rituals of the Skull and Bones society also have all the marks of Satanic ritual, with someone actually playing the Devil, and with sexual perversion incorporated into the ceremony.  Such wickedness in persons of high political estate places the U.S. government at high risk.