By J. Parnell McCarter


My view regarding the place of the FPCS is summarized as follows:


1. The FPCS is the rightful established church of Scotland, and as such, all the citizens of Scotland have a duty to join it, and the magistrate of Scotland has a duty to recognize and support it as the Church of Scotland, and not less faithful denominations in the nation of Scotland. Of course, if such were to take place, it would no longer be called the **Free** PCS.

2. The FPCS has mission works and congregations in other nations.

3. It is right and appropriate that a church like the FPCS have mission works and congregations in other nations where those nations are lacking an indigenous church which adheres to the principles for which it rightly stands.

4. In those nations where the FPCS has mission works and congregations, I believe it is justified by the circumstances present in those nations to have such mission works and congregations.

5. Since I believe those FPCS mission works and congregations are justified in their existence, I believe it is the duty of those in such nations with such mission works to join themselves with such works.

6. At such time as a mission work becomes developed enough, then it should no longer be a mission work of the FPCS, but tied with the FPCS in a different way. In such a developed condition, the nation in which it resides should support and recognize it as the established church of the land.