Malachi Martin documents that a Black Mass was held in St Paul's Cathedral in 1963.  During this heinous affair, several cardinals "installed Lucifer to his appropriate place" in the Vatican, as "head of the church."

Martin claims that a good deal of the child molestation occurring now is actually Satanic worship.  Part of the Luciferian rites of many of the priests, nuns, and hierarchy.  He intimates that many who engage in this kind of "worship" are indeed secret Masons.

Malachi Martin was himself a Jesuit priest, in a high official capacity in the Vatican.  "In God's Name" has a photograph of Malachi Martin, seated right next to Pope John Paul I--the Pope that was murdered.  Martin is seated between Pope John Paul I (who is on the Papal Throne) and Diego Lorenzi, an aide who accompanied John Paul I from Venice, where he was previously.

Alberto Rivera also says that he attended, as a Jesuit, a Black Mass in the Vatican.  With the Jesuits.  Martin himself did not attend the Black Mass, but he knew of it.  He later resigned the Jesuits--around 1972.He was "Laicized" so that he could write books on the corruptions he had seen in the Vatican.

He recently passed away in 1999.  Some Catholics think he was murdered.  He also wrote a blockbuster entitled "The Jesuits: The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church."  In that book, he details how the Jesuits became Communists in the 1960's, under their then Secretary General, Pedro Arrupe.  And he documents how they fomented Communist revolutions in several countries--especially in Latin American and Africa.

Below follows an online book review of "Windswept House", a novel of Malachi Martin's, in which he tries to predict what might happen to the Church of Rome.  He predicts the end of the present dispensation, and the return of Christ.  The central character in the story is a "slavish Pope."

Uri Dowbenko reviews some of what Martin has written at:


Below are some excerpts from his article entitled “Spiritual Wickedness
in High Places : Malachi Martin on The End of Religion (As We Know It)”:

”…Ever since Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, the Power Elite have never
given up on their feverish dream of a One World Government.Former Jesuit Malachi Martin's novel, Windswept House (Doubleday/ Main
Street Books), offers a lurid behind the scenes look at a cabal of Vatican insiders who want to use the Roman Catholic Church as a foundation for a politico-religious New World Order.The plot of the novel involves a group of Church officials who scheme with a group of like-minded corporate executives to manipulate the Church into a ready-made infrastructure for a One World Religion -- a universal
umbrella for everybody from Episcopalians to voodoo practitioners.
The new ecumenicalism is clothed in Globalist garb. The agenda
includes promoting issues like population control, environmentalism and
secular humanism, which the plotters hope will eventually lead to the
complete secularization of religion. The most outrageous and controversial premise of the novel -- described in great detail in the prologue -- is that a ceremony was performed in the Vatican in 1963 -- an occult ritual which enthroned the fallen archangel Lucifer as the head of the Roman Catholic Church. Does Dr. Martin believe that this enthronement actually took place in his novel, which could liberally be described as a roman a clef? "Yes, it did," he says emphatically. ‘Beyond a shadow of a doubt in my mind. But now the place, time, hour etc., are all obfuscated to protect the guilty and save the innocent’…”


Note: More evidence is being disclosed which connects the highest levels of the Vatican with the cover-up of the sexual scandal in the United States.  For instance, MSNBC News has reported at  http://www.msnbc.com/news/844789.asp :

"...Critics of Law claimed Tuesday that they had uncovered a “smoking gun” that showed that Law and other  U.S. Catholic leaders who have been accused of covering  up sex-abuse allegations were acting on the pope’s orders.   A group called the Coalition of Catholics and Survivors said it had come across the document from among  thousands of personnel files the Boston archdiocese made public last week. A court hearing lawsuits against the archdiocese had ordered the release.  In the document, John Paul says that a defrocked Catholic priest who had a history of molesting boys should  leave the areas where his “condition” was known — or stay put as long as it caused no scandal.  'That would explain why [other] bishops have done the  same thing as Cardinal Law — they’ve moved sexual offenders from parish to parish without notifying the parishioners,” said Joseph Gallagher, a co-founder of the group'..."