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Seems that three of the "stars" in Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of Christ" are hard-core porno stars!!!

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Does a fountain send out from the same opening both fresh and bitter water? Can a fig tree, my brethren, produce olives, or a vine produce figs? Nor can salt water produce fresh. (James 3:11-12)

Is Mel Gibson a born-again Christian? What about the acting cast of his film production, "The Passion of the Christ <passion>"? Are they "unknown actors" as stated by Danae Dobson and Cal Thomas in their rave reviews of this Hollywood production. The following material presents a radically different perspective on the producer/ director, actors and actresses of the "The Passion." Mel Gibson has, in fact, cast three hardcore pornographic stars* in major roles in this so-called "Christian" film. The cast of "The Passion of the Christ" appears to be a veritable Hall of Porn rather than a Christian evangelism tool.

Mel Gibson (Producer/Director)

*Monica Bellucci (Mary Magdalene)

Maia Morgenstern (Mary, Mother of Jesus)

*Claudia Gerini (Wife of Pontius Pilate)

*Rosita Celentano (Satan)



The Passion of Mel Gibson
Joseph Herrin (2-20-2004)


Why am I disturbed that Mel Gibson is making a movie on the passion of Christ, and the entire church world seems to have jumped on his coattails? For one, the above Scripture states that "no immoral or impure person... has an inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God." Mel Gibson is an immoral and impure person. In the year 2000 he starred in the movie "What Women Want" where he played a character named Nick whose goal in life was to bed all the women his lustful heart desired. In reading the review of this movie at the following link: <http://www.screenit.com/movies/2000/what_women_want.html>, it is very apparent that this is a highly immoral movie filled with so much sexual impurity that the details fill a very lengthy portion of the page. To say that this movie is debauched and raunchy is to be very sparing. It is filled with an incredible amount of filth and Mel Gibson is right at the heart of all of it. I had considered including a portion of the description of this movie's contents from the above link, but after reading what is in the movie I thought better of it.

The Scripture above also states that "there must be no filthiness and silly talk, and coarse jesting, which are not fitting...." This is exactly the kind of talk that has filled nearly all of Mel Gibson's movies, from his debut movie "Mad Max" that was released in 1979, to the Lethal Weapon series of movies, and many that are more recent. In 1999 Gibson starred in the movie "Payback", and a reviewer of this movie had the following to say:

Payback (1999)
Although he's successfully played a wide range of characters throughout his career, actor Mel Gibson is probably best known for playing the tough hero character who pursues the villains, rights any number of purported wrongs and kills many of those responsible in the process.

Such characters have been cathartic favorites among moviegoers ever since light first made its way through that thin layer of celluloid and onto the silver screen. Whether he's taken care of aristocratic villains ("Braveheart"), any number of bad guys while in the guise of detective Riggs (the "Lethal Weapon" films), or fended off a bunch of post-apocalyptic punks (the "Mad Max/Road Warrior" series), Gibson has perfectly personified the character who "takes out the trash" in an audience pleasing fashion.

In playing such characters, however, Gibson never personifies the perfect hero. Quite the contrary, his characters are occasionally flawed and nearly always have a dark and edgy quality about them, as if they're only a step -- or misstep as it were -- away from becoming a bad guy themselves. That's what makes them -- and Gibson's performances -- so much fun to watch.

Well, now he's purposefully stepped across that line in playing Porter, the "bad guy as the hero" character in his latest film, "Payback."

The content review on the www.screenit.com <http://www.Screenit.com/> website goes on to detail the usage of vulgar language in this movie, a large part of which is spoken through the mouth of Mel Gibson himself. Please bear with me as I paste in this section, for the issue being discussed is very serious and the saints must be made to understand the abomination that is being committed as such a profane and immoral person as Mel Gibson is positioning himself as an advocate of Jesus Christ while enlisting the support of Christian leaders everywhere in promoting his latest venture.

At least 38 "f" words (4 used with "mother" and 2 used sexually), 16 "s" words, 1 slang term using male genitals ("omitted"), 12 hells, 4 damns, 3 S.O.B.'s, 3 asses, 1 crap, and 8 uses of "Jesus," 4 of "G-damn," and 1 use each of "Christ," "Jesus Christ," "For God's sakes" and "Oh my God" as exclamations.

Lest you should think this is an aberration from Gibson's usual fare, you only need check out the reviews of the "Lethal Weapon" series of movies, of which he has made four. I looked up just one of them and found that there were an identical number of uses of the "f" word, as this most vulgar of words that was once taboo was uttered 38 times in the space of a two hour movie. Also, lest you should think that Gibson has had a recent religious experience and has changed his ways, you should consider that in an interview concerning the movie "The Passion of the Christ" he stated that he has dreamed of making this movie for twelve years. This means that he was thinking of making the movie about Christ while he was filming his sexually debauched film "What Women Want", and also while he was filling his mouth with profanity in the making of a dozen other movies during this time.

Certain actors and actresses and other celebrity figures are often known for a particular genre of film, or a particular vice, and Satan has chosen certain ones to push the envelope of what is acceptable. Thus we see Madonna and Britney Spears pushing the limits of sexual propriety, as has Janet Jackson during the recent Super Bowl half-time show. Satan has his 'anointed' ones who are seeking to spread the darkness of his kingdom to greater depths. In this regard Mel Gibson has been a promoter of violence and vigilantism like no other actor.

Mel Gibson first burst on the scene with the "Mad Max" movies which were apocalyptic in nature and where violence and self-protection were the theme. He further pushed this theme with movies such as "Braveheart", and even in "We Were Solders". In the four movies of the "Lethal Weapon" series he played a rogue cop who excels in his violence. In the movie "Ransom" Gibson plays a wealthy father whose son is kidnapped, and when the police are unable to rescue his son in a timely manner he takes matters into his own hands. And of course there was "Payback", which along with "The Patriot" are all about revenge. There is nothing of godly character seen in these movies. There is no turning the other cheek, or giving place to wrath. The wrath and cruelty of Satan is displayed with great consistency by this veteran actor and director.

In a society that has gone mad with violence, the influence of Hollywood bears much of the blame. By glorifying violence, and violent means to gain vengeance or to take back what one has lost, Mel Gibson has been a leading evangelist of the kingdom of darkness to promote the spread of violence. How do any of these things qualify this man to make a film about the Christ? Christ was a Lamb that was silent before His accusers. He was meekly led to the slaughter when He could have called more than twelve legions of angels to deliver Him and to punish His persecutors?

The legacy of Mel Gibson has been sexual immorality, profanity, coarse jesting, extreme violence and vigilantism. All of these things have been brought into the homes of America and the nations of the world and have borne their foul fruit. These are not the works of the redeemed of the Lord. These are the works of Satan. The wise saint should then be extremely wary when a chief agent of Satan suddenly is seeking to cast himself as an evangelist of the kingdom of Light. Consider again the Scriptures that were found at the opening of this writing.


Dennis Palmu
ncspalmu@telus.net <mailto:ncspalmu@telus.net>
1. It seems that one has had to star in a Dracula movie in order to qualify for casting as Mary or Mary Magdalene, since both Ms. Morgenstern and Ms. Bellucci were cast in Joe Chapelle's television special Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula (2000) and the American remake of Dracula (1992) respectively!

2. Ms. Bellucci is not just a typical porn star, but perhaps the most vile in the history of mass-market movie-making. Consider this excerpt from Steve Rhodes' (www.InternetReviews.com <http://www.InternetReviews.com>) review. "Irreversible (co-starring Monica Bellucci) makes pure pornography look pretty appealing in comparison." Consider also these excerpts from a press release from the Society for the Promotion of Community Standards (www.scoop.co.nz/mason/stories/PO0303/S00182.htm <http://www.scoop.co.nz/mason/stories/PO0303/S00182.htm>).

"Premiered at last years Cannes Film Festival, 'Irreversible' proved so shocking that 250 people walked out, some needing medical attention" and (this movie is) "hard-core pornography."

"Ms. Bellucci insists that her father, who was at the premiere, enjoyed it. 'It was hard for him to watch, but he loved it', she said."

This praise by Bellucci's father is staggering when one considers he witnessed her being raped and sodomized in this film for a full ten minutes without interruption! I wonder what James Dobson's reaction would be if this was his daughter he was watching in "Irreversible", and who would also be playing the part of Mary Magdalene? In effect, if he is endorsing The Passion of the Christ, he is endorsing it as if his daughter was Monica Bellucci (being, as he is, the head of Focus on the Family)Ö




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