By Parnell McCarter



The wolves in sheep’s clothing are traversing the range, looking for ignorant sheep to snatch. They claim to be “reformed” and “Protestant”,   but their actions say otherwise.   They include names such as Andrew Sandlin, Steve Schlissel, Paul Murphy, Doug Wilson, and Steve Wilkins.  They urge the reformed Christian community to join an alliance with the Roman Catholics to form an explicitly “Christian country”, so as to address social problems like government-supported abortion and sodomy.    What they do not forthrightly admit is that they want us to compromise (and in truth abandon!) our reformed Protestant faith in the bargain.  But since they veil their true agenda, it is necessary to ask some probing questions that the truth may come out.

One member in this camp of wolves is Jay Rogers.  He manages the website http://www.forerunner.com/ .  It promotes videos like these:

God's Law and Society: http://www.forerunner.com/law/law.html
The Beast of Revelation Identified: http://www.forerunner.com/beast/beast.html
Jesus Christ: Lord of All of Life: http://www.forerunner.com/cor/cor.html
World Changers! http://forerunner.com/worldchangers/worldchangers.html


It so happened that I met Mr. Rogers the other day in the reformedchristianculture email list neighborhood.   Here was the question I posed to him, and that I recommend be posed to all of these Protestant pretenders:  does the Roman Catholic Church preach a false gospel?  Here are some of the answers I got from Mr. Rogers:

"I do not want to spend an inordinate amount of time outlining again and again the reasons why I am Protestant and not Roman Catholic."

" They have obscurred sola fide and sola gratia by saying in effect that man is saved by faith AND works."

"It is not another Gospel, but a deficient one. We each preach a deficient Gospel in that our understanding is imperfect."


So Mr. Rogers acknowledged that the Roman Catholic Church’s "gospel" says " in effect that man is saved by faith AND works", yet he denies that the Roman Catholic Church’s "gospel" is a false gospel.  Rather, he characterizes it as "deficient", while also asserting that “we each preach a deficient Gospel” – Protestants included! 

But JUSTIFICATION BY GRACE ALONE THROUGH FAITH ALONE is another gospel from one that says  "man is saved by faith AND works."  A true Protestant recognizes it as a different gospel, and recognizes the Romish one is a false gospel.    God’s Word is clear: "no man is justified by the law in the sight of God" (Galatians 3:11).

In asserting that the Roman Catholic Church does not preach another (i.e., false) gospel, Mr. Rogers is in effect asserting that man can be saved by a faith plus works “gospel”.  But if one believes this, one has in effect abandoned a truth central to Protestantism.  So we arrive back at what we said at the beginning- this is a bad bargain.

At least one reason these Protestant pretenders cannot admit that the gospel of the Roman Catholic Church is a false gospel, and that the Romish religion is a false religion, is because such an admission would disclose the futility of their political agenda.  According to Romans 1, God gives up to judgment those societies characterized by false religion.  Such societies are given up to sodomy, murderous abortion, covenant-breaking adultery, and lying (such as promotion of the lie of Darwinian evolution).  So if the religion of the Roman Catholic Church is false, and their gospel is false, it is vain to imagine that we might solve our society’s problems by an alliance with such a false church.  Instead, the logic of Romans 1 demands that in order to achieve a truly Christian society that suppresses sodomy, murderous abortion, covenant-breaking adultery, and lying, we must maintain the true religion and the true gospel.  This is why during the Protestant Reformation, the Reformation called for a separation from Romanism and establishment of explicitly Protestant governments.  Romanism brings with it the judgment of God, which is why the history of the Romish Church is plagued with scandal.  A true Reformation must be truly Protestant.