By J. Parnell McCarter



Protestant Christians are being snared into false religion and into augmenting Romish power through unsound political affiliations and alliances.   Such snares appear across the political spectrum, but more often than not it is conservative political parties that ensnare undiscerning “evangelical” Christians.   What attracts conservative Protestants into unsound political affiliations and alliances are causes that, on the surface, are quite noble, like pro-life and pro-marriage endeavors.  But often beneath the surface is the web of Rome, to which Protestants are becoming entangled.  Like a Satanic angel of light, an unsound political party looks morally attractive on the surface, but beneath the surface it is corrupt and ungodly, predicated on false religion.


Though there is much to disagree with the website http://www.christianethicstoday.com/Issue/010/The%20Vatican%20Connection%20-%20How%20the%20Roman%20Catholic%20Church%20Influences%20the%20Republican%20Party%20By%20John%20M%20Swomley_010_18_.htm  , it offers some useful insights into how Rome works politically on the conservative side of the political spectrum (Note: On the liberal side of the spectrum Rome also works, so as to cover all the bases of society, but generally it is not on the liberal side [Ted Kennedy-John Kerry side] of the political spectrum that conservative Protestants are attracted. ).  Here are some excerpts from the website:




“…The Vatican wants to extend its authority over civil law, not only in countries with Catholic majorities but in others with religiously diverse populations.  The Catholic bishops have decided to try to impose papal authority in the United States through the abortion issue.  …The Time articles also revealed that the Vatican works in various countries through lay people who function politically without apparent connection to the Vatican.  The major study of the Vatican’s use of Catholic laity throughout Europe was made by Catholic Professor Jean-Guy Villaincourt of the University of Montreal in his book, Papal Power:  A Study of Vatican Control Over Law Catholic Elites.  Villaincourt in his concluding summary said in part, “The Catholic lay militant has been pressed into service as an...intermediary between the Papacy and the modern state.”  In Europe, it is Catholic Action and the Christian Democratic Party which assume “direct political responsibilities” that the Hierarchy must shun.  In the Untied States, it is the Catholic Campaign for America, which was organized in 1991.  Its “ecclesiastical adviser” is the ubiquitous Cardinal O’Connor, but the laity on the CCA board and national committee function without publicizing their role in the organization… The overall mission of the Catholic Campaign for America is “to activate Catholic citizens, increase the Catholic electorate’s influence in formulating public policy, and focus the public’s attention on the richness and beauty of Catholic teaching.”  A 1992 newsletter of the Catholic Campaign declared that “separation of church and state is a false premise that must finally be cast aside...”




The article goes on to cite the Romish presence in the Republican Party, similar to the Romish presence in Christian Democratic parties of Europe.  Let’s now consider how this is working in Britain as well. 


The website http://www.cpalliance.net/newslist.asp  explains Christian Democratic efforts in Britain:



First ever General Election bid by Christian Democrats in Britain

Campaigning candidates for the Christian Peoples Alliance (CPA) are launching their General Election campaign and manifesto today in London's officially most deprived community, Canning Town, in the London Borough of Newham. The document, Life, Truth, Compassion is rooted directly in the priorities for the General Election set out in statements by Anglican and Roman Catholic Bishops and evangelical leaders. It is intended as a radical statement of Christian social teaching in the European tradition of Christian Democracy.


The Campaigns Officer of the Christian Peoples Alliance, George Hargreaves, has given the party's backing to a nationwide campaign against gun crime. The Rev Hargreaves, who is a Hackney minister, led prayers at an Easter Bank Holiday Monday rally in Trafalgar Square and marched to Downing Street with mothers from all over the UK who have lost children to gun violence.




It should be noted that George Hargreaves is a central figure in this Christian Democratic push in Britain.  Now consider the article at  

http://www.stornowaygazette.com/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=Newspaper/Article&pid=1034254631790&cid=1111159441618 which explains his political activities in Scotland:



“Revd Hargreaves (47), is an ordained minister of 14 years’ standing, serving on the pastoral team of Popular Pentecostal Church in London.  He first entered politics as a candidate for the Referendum Party in 1997, standing as a Parliamentary candidate in Walthamstow, London. However, before being converted he enjoyed life as a highly successful pop-song writer, and it was he who penned the hugely successful ‘So Macho’ disco anthem which saw Sinitta reach number 2 in the British charts in the 1980s.

Rev Hargreaves is the founder of the East London Christian Choir School, where his wife, Maxine, is Head Teacher. They have two adult sons, Nicky (27) and Marlon (24).

Apart from pastoral duties, he serves as a Project Manager for the London Borough of Waltham Forest and is also the Local Strategic Partnership Representative for the Christian community in the London Borough of Hackney. He sits on the Safer Neighbourhoods Forum of the Metropolitan Police.  “I have chosen to stand for election in the Western Isles because of a deep sense of call that has found confirmation in the fact that community leaders on the Island have asked me to stand, in order that I might build up the Christian party, Operation Christian Vote, on the islands,” said Revd Hargreaves.
“I believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. The Bible makes it clear that the well-being and prosperity of a community ultimately depends on its relationship with God. ‘Righteousness exalteth a nation…’ Proverbs declares. Psalm 127:1 tells us ‘Except the Lord build the house they labour in vain that build it; except the Lord keep the city, the watchmen waketh but in vain.’ If as Christians we believe that the Bible is true then there has to be a radical shift in the way that we vote, i.e. not on the basis of celebrity, habit or political manifestos, but on the basis of their faith in the Word of Almighty God, who is actively aware and engaged with the affairs of man.”



As mentioned in the article at http://www.puritans.net/news/fcs051805.htm , many conservative Protestants in Scotland supported Hargreaves.  But did they understand how by doing so they were really helping the agenda of Rome?  What is happening is that conservatives are being trapped in the snare of Rome by affiliation with parties such as Operation Christian Vote, while liberals are falling in the snare through affiliation with parties like the Labour Party (with Labour leaders such as Tony Blair, who has shown an obsequiousness to Rome).  Furthermore, Protestants are becoming softened to Romanism by going to political rallies which are quasi-religious services, led by heretics of various stripes (Pentecostalists, Romanists, etc.).


Consider the following sources of information, which provide a window into the snare for conservatives:



http://www.cpjustice.org/stories/storyReader$1034  :


Delegates from Dutch, German, and several Eastern European Christian Democratic Parties attended the meeting.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian-Democratic_Union_of_Germany  :


The CDU/CSU has adherents among Roman Catholics, Protestants, rural interests, and members of all economic classes. It is generally conservative on economic and social policy and more identified with the Roman Catholic, and to a lesser extent Protestant, churches than are the other major parties, although its programs are pragmatic rather than ideological.


http://www.cpalliance.net/news.asp?ID=146  :


Christian Peoples Alliance Commit to Oppose EU Constitution in Referendum Vote unless Christianity Acknowledged

Candidates standing for the Christian Peoples Alliance in the European Union elections on June 10th will pledge to oppose the draft EU Constitution in the EU Parliament and at a referendum unless there is recognition of Christ and the Christian heritage of Europe. In a speech today on 'Pray for Europe Sunday' given at the Salvation Army Roots 2004 Annual Conference in Southport, party leader and London Mayoral candidate, Ram Gidoomal CBE, will urge Christians in Britain to put pressure on the government by supporting the CPA petition on the issue and by voting for CPA candidates for Europe.

Speaking at the Conference, Ram Gidoomal CBE will say:

"Christians may differ over whether the EU Constitution is a 'tidying-up exercise', as the government says, or a new legal body with the trappings of a new state called 'Europe'. However, Christians in Britain and across the continent do want to see the sovereignty of God acknowledged and reference made to the contribution Christianity has made to European civilisation and the achievement of an open, free and tolerant community of states."

Backing the CPA petition campaign is crossbench peer, Lord Alton of Liverpool, who founded the Movement for Christian Democracy. He has said:

"Given the rich Christian traditions that are imprinted upon our own historic constitution, why should Britain exchange its own political birthright for a proposed European mess of potage?"

The petition reflects the strong stance taken by Roman Catholic Archbishops in Britain and the lead of Pope John Paul II in calling for Europe's Christian heritage to be acknowledged in the new legal document. Dana Rosemary Scallon MEP, who sits as an independent in the Christian Democrat group, the EPP, in the European Parliament, has also been backing the petition. She said:

"As Europe attempts to define who we are it cannot do so by denying a major component of our European identity. It is time to build on a common cultural, moral and religious heritage. Europe’s history can only be understood by acknowledging the influence of the religious components which have formed the identity of Europe and inspired the formation of the European Union. A reference to God and our Christian Heritage is not a threat to Europe, However I believe exclusion of such a reference is a threat to the European Union".

The CPA petition has contrasted the Christian legacy of Britain's current constitutional arrangements with the secular draft EU Constitution. It also calls upon the British government to use the period before agreement is made to pursue the following actions:

Ensure the continuation of the recognition in our public life that all human power or responsibility is derived from God, that nations and rulers are subject to God, receive their authority within God's ordinance and are accountable to God for their exercise of responsibility.

Amend the preamble to the European Constitution to recognise the sovereign Lordship of Christ over Europe and the role of the Christian faith in the culture, values and democratic heritage of Europe.

CPA leader Ram Gidoomal CBE is a member of the Council of the pro-European lobby group Britain in Europe. CPA candidates for Europe will be running in the south of England and London.


http://www.operationchristianvote.org.uk/site/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=4  :


Operation Christian Vote is Britain’s newest registered Christian political party.  Its driving purpose is to give Christian’s the opportunity to turn their vote into a voice for the Lord Jesus Christ. Until now the activities of Operation Christian Vote have been limited to voter registration drives within the Christian community. With elections throughout the United Kingdom taking place on June 10th Operation Christian Vote is pro-actively engaged in helping and encouraging Christian political parties and independent activists to work together in order to give Christians somewhere to cast their vote in good conscience.


To this end Operation Christian Vote has lent its support to London Mayoral candidate Ram Gidoomal and the Christian Peoples Alliance, and the Christian Democratic Party; as well as encouraging and networking independent Christian political activists. 


On 29th April 2004, Operation Christian Vote was registered as a political party in Great Britain, thus enabling it to contest the European elections in Scotland (with the benefit of a party election broadcast), a EU constituency where no other recognized Christian political party is standing.  As a result the Christian electorate will now also have an opportunity to turn their vote into a voice for Christ.


Operation Christian Vote would appreciate your prayers and support as it continues it work of witness within the electoral system.


God bless you.

In Christ’s service


Revd J. George Hargreaves

Operation Christian Vote




Here is what the above information means:  Rome is using Christian Democratic and affiliated parties (like Operation Christian Vote) to help form a “Christian” (i.e., Romish Christian) Europe, instead of merely a secularist Europe.  A secularist Europe is wicked enough, but a Romish Christian Europe is even worse, inasmuch as Judas Iscariot was even more wicked than Pontius Pilate. 


It is time that true Protestants wake up to the reality that Rome is using conservative Christian political activism to further its own agenda.  It is taking advantage of the fact so many Protestants are willing to enter into unsound political alliances and affiliations. 


The Reformation Party represents a rejection of such unsound alliances and affiliations.  It rejects secularist political parties that are not based upon the Bible, and all such political parties of infidels.  It also rejects political alliances and affiliations with heretics.  Its objective is the formation of reformed Christian states with reformed established churches, rooted in the Biblical doctrines summarized in the Westminster Standards.  Christians should not fall into the snare of unsound political alliances and affiliations.