It is clear that the Bush Administration has done nothing substantive to stem the tide of moral degeneracy when it comes to sodomy. Here is an article that reveals the record:



OTHER (alternate lifestyles) NOMINATIONS

Tafel said Bush's first gay nomination, of Scott Evertz to head the White House Office of National AIDS Policy, did raise objections from some conservative groups. Evertz drew fire for advocating the use of condoms and was eventually moved to the Department of Health and Human Services as an adviser to Secretary Tommy Thompson on AIDS and HIV.

However, Dr. Joseph O'Neill, head of the White House office on AIDS, also is gay.

The objections have grown quieter with the president's subsequent nominations, which include Michael Guest as ambassador to Romania, Stephen Herbits as a Pentagon personnel consultant and Donald Capoccia to the National Fine Arts Commission.

Tafel said that once a conservative such as Bush nominated gays, "it's just not controversial anymore. People are ho-hum about it."

However, he and Collingsworth were glad that Lott, who has made anti-gay statements, was forced out this month as Senate GOP leader. "Trent Lott's resignation removes an anti-gay voice from the GOP leadership," Collingsworth said.