By J. Parnell McCarter



The internet has made many things possible for all of us. One of the special blessings it provided to me was to come into contact with Steve Smith, through the Covenanted Reformation Club and r-f-w lists.  Although we lived just across Lake Michigan from one another (he in Wisconsin and I in Michigan), humanly speaking I doubt I would have ever met Steve except for the internet. Steve became a dear friend.   We both had gone through a winding spiritual journey, but were both coming to similar conclusions concerning the Lord Jesus Christ and His revealed word. Steve came down with cancer several years ago, but this only deepened his love for Jesus Christ and his attachment to the reformed faith. It was very special to be able to attend with Steve a communion season in a Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland (FPCS) congregation in Ontario this past weekend, and to see Steve accepted in the membership of the church, in what he knew would likely be the closing days of his life. And it was even more special to be able to pray with him, looking forward to the day we could reunite before the Lamb of God. Steve passed away on Friday, and surely left the rest of us a good testimony of one who persevered to the end. We ought to pray for Steve's wife and his four young children, that God would provide for them in Steve's absence.


(This obituary was posted on the Covenanted Reformation Club and r-f-w lists.)