By J. Parnell McCarter



There are unmistakable signs of a coming train wreck which will de-rail the United States of America, with worldwide effect.  Various factors, both internal and external, point in the direction of the derailment of America’s status as world superpower.

The first sign revolves around the march of the sodomites.  They are increasing their demands for recognition of sodomite marriage.  In San Francisco they have taken the law into their own hands to obtain marriage licenses.  And in New York they are trying to do the same, as the following article at http://www.nynewsday.com/nyc-gays0229,0,461422.story reports:

“…At least 50 gay and lesbian couples plan to apply for marriage licenses at the City Clerk's office on Thursday morning even as Mayor Michael Bloomberg maintains his defiant no-nuptuals stance.  The mass wedding announcement came as City Council Speaker Gifford Miller and about 400 activists stood on the steps of City Hall Sunday to demand that Bloomberg allow same-sex marriages.  Both sides agree the matter is likely to be resolved in the courts.  But Miller, unlike Bloomberg, believes state law allows for the immediate issuance of licenses as has been done in New Paltz and San Francisco.  "The right to marry is a basic, fundamental civil right and if that is the case, then there is no excuse for saying to some people 'Well, you can marry, but you cannot,'" said Miller, a Manhattan Democrat who is considering a mayoral run in 2005.  Miller was joined on the steps of City Hall by a vocal gathering of local Democrats, gay and lesbian activists, a choral troupe and couples waving marriage certificates from New Paltz and Toronto…”

Already the State Supreme Court of Massachusetts has declared sodomite marriage to be the law of the land in Massachusetts.

Most Christians are still in denial as to what this all means.  But a Worldnetdaily article at http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=37410  begins to expose the truth:

“…If there was any doubt whether "gay" activists would settle for civil unions, it has been erased by events in San Francisco, where the mayor has illegally ordered marriage licenses to be issued to same-sex couples despite California's recently enacted "domestic partner" law, which is nearly identical to Vermont's "civil union" law.

Not content with creating counterfeit marriage by another name, the activists are trying to seize marriage itself by whatever means. California legislators have also enacted a series of laws that:

·       deny state contracts to businesses that don't offer benefits to homosexual couples, regardless of the business owner's beliefs;

In San Francisco itself, the state bar association has forbidden judges to associate with the Boy Scouts of America. The city also passed a law forcing businesses and charity organizations to give benefits to homosexual couples or lose city business. In 1998, city supervisors passed a resolution urging local media to reject ads from Christian groups that featured an outreach by former homosexuals. One supervisor openly blamed Christian groups for Mathew Shepherd's murder at the hands of two thugs in Wyoming.

As with the mayor's lawless order to issue "gay marriage" licenses, the supervisors' resolution shows that the homosexual agenda is not about expanding tolerance but about crushing everybody else's civil rights under the steamroller of "gay" activism.

If you want to see where this is all going, take a look at some other Western nations. In Canada, it is illegal to criticize homosexuality over the airwaves, and print media is feeling the heat as well. A Saskatchewan newspaper and a private citizen were fined in 2001 for publishing an ad listing Bible verses about homosexuality. In November 2003, police in Ontario visited the home of a pro-family Christian activist and investigated him for a "hate crime" because some homosexuals disliked his defense of marriage on his website.

In London, England, police investigated an Anglican bishop in November 2003 for his advocacy of the view that homosexuals can change. The Right Rev. Dr. Peter Forster, bishop of Chester, had said in an interview with a newspaper, "Some people who are primarily homosexual can re-orientate themselves." Acting on a complaint, police began a formal hate-crimes inquiry. The bishop was not formally charged, but police told reporters that if they had been able to make an arrest, they would have done so.

In October 2001, Harry Hammond, an English pastor who had been beaten by a gang of homosexual thugs for carrying a sign urging homosexuals to repent, was convicted of inciting violence and disturbing the peace. He was fined 300 British pounds (about $550) and forced to pay 395 pounds ($725) in legal costs. No charges were brought against the men who physically assaulted him. A higher court recently rejected the Rev. Hammond's appeal of this conviction.

Or how about Sweden, where "civil unions" have been a reality for several years? Last year, the Swedes passed a sweeping "hate crimes" law forbidding any criticism of homosexuality. Last summer, Pastor Ake Green was arrested at a church in Kalmar, Sweden, and charged with "hate speech against homosexuals" for a sermon about homosexuality. According to the church newspaper Kyrkans Tidning, the prosecutor, Kjell Yngvesson, justified the arrest this way: "One may have whatever religion one wishes, but this is an attack on all fronts against homosexuals. Collecting Bible cites on this topic as he (Pastor Green) does makes this hate speech."

In the brave new world fashioned by homosexual activists, this is what passes for "tolerance."

Yesterday, it was Czechoslovakia. Today it is San Francisco, on its way to becoming London, or Stockholm by the Bay. People who believe that all will be well if we appease homosexual activists with "civil unions" had better wake up and smell the smorgasbord…”

Nor should we imagine that revolution will stop at the doorsteps of the sodomites.  Revolution begets revolution, and America was conceived in revolution.  When Americans are unjustly deprived of their Constitutional speech rights, we can expect that it will be met by revolutionary resistance.  Impending civil strife, along with the curse of sodomy, are certainly indications of internal US weakness.

Another internal sign of collapse is America’s economic plight.  As reported in a BBC article entitled “America: An empire built on sand? “ at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/3521691.stm , the US economy is set on a weak foundation:

“… economist Will Hutton told me of what he calls "the dark underside of the United States economy" - the condition of its international accounts. Put bluntly it owes the rest of the world $3trn dollars, and that is debt which is increasing by $500bn a year.  Mr Hutton makes a persuasive case that America's current strength is built on other peoples' money and he fears that the US economic bubble will eventually burst. "People simply aren't going to carry on lending America billions and billions of dollars and America's not going to carry on borrowing it," he told me. In his view America's economic strength is "built on sand". “

These internal factors are part of the larger issue of America’s moral decline.  It has for the most part apostatized from its Biblical Protestant heritage, and corrupted itself.  God’s judgment is upon it for this spiritual harlotry.

Besides such internal signs as these, there are external factors that are working against America.  America is literally at war with radical Islam.  911 is proof of that, as are the on-going wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  So far, this war has been fought primarily outside the US borders.  But we should not imagine it will forever stay there, as even 911 will attest.  An article entitled “Suicide bombers coming to U.S.?” points out just how fragile the situation is:


“A document discovered during a recent Israeli army raid on some West Bank financial institutions found payrolls being prepared for terrorists trained to commit suicide attacks – not just in Israel but in the U.S. and Europe, Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin reports.   Israel has reportedly shared the information with the intelligence agencies of friendly countries, including the U.S. and Russia, according to the premium, online intelligence newsletter… Suicide bombers are growing more sophisticated, say G2B sources. Israeli counter-terror experts who participated in a South Carolina conference introduced a number of photos and actual products of suicide bombers' equipment including carry-on bags and briefcases loaded with pipe bombs and activated by cell phones. The cell-phone system is described as a method used by a team of attackers – one is the mule carrying the bomb and the other dials the activating number at the right moment. This method is also designed to avoid last-minute hesitations by the bomb carrier… While suicide bomb attacks are common in Israel, they have been unheard of in the U.S. They are on the increase, however, against U.S. forces in Iraq. Last week Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said the No. 1 threat to the new government and U.S. forces in Iraq comes from suicide bombers.”

Islam has long been God’s rod against corrupt Christianity.

The dangers are even more profound when one considers the worldwide proliferation of nuclear weaponry, especially in the hands of some radical Muslims.  Contributing writer Al Hembd has pointed out the findings of writer Seymour Hersh in his article "Why the US is going easy on Pakistani nuclear proliferation”:

“Seymour Hersh is a consummate researcher as a journalist.  He documents below why Pakistan got off with "slap on the wrist," over revelations that its chief nuclear scientist had swapped nuclear secrets with Libya, Iran, and North Korea.  Apparently, the US has made a deal with Mushareef to go easy on him for the nuclear proliferation.  And in return, Mushareef will now let US forces in to hunt down bin Laden.  Don't hold your breath, though.  Lying is part of the Muslim religion.  Lying and double-crossing.  Mohammed himself lied, and defended the practice in the Koran.  Approximately one in four of the Pakistanis "aiding US military forces" in Afghanistan and Pakistan are themselves Al-Qaida.  Virtually all Pakistanis outside Islamabad and Karachi are Taliban--disciples of Islam as taught by the Taliban in Afghanistan.  The Pakistanis are cooperating--but their cooperation may not prove to be worth much.  "Never trust a Muslim."

The article entitled “The Deal” is at http://www.newyorker.com/fact/content/?040308fa_fact .  Here is an excerpt from the article:

“The greatest risk may be not to Musharraf, or to the stability of South Asia, but to the ability of the international nuclear monitoring institutions to do their work. Many experts fear that, with Khan's help, the world has moved closer to a nuclear tipping point. Husain Haqqani, who was a special assistant to three prime ministers before Musharraf came to power and is a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, noted, with some pride, that his nation had managed to make the bomb despite American sanctions. But now, he told me, Khan and his colleagues have gone wholesale: "Once they had the bomb, they had a shopping list of what to buy and where. A. Q. Khan can bring a plain piece of paper and show me how to get it done-the countries, people, and telephone numbers. 'This is the guy in Russia who can get you small quantities of enriched uranium. You in Malaysia will manufacture the stuff. Here's who will miniaturize the warhead. And then go to North Korea and get the damn missile.'" He added, "This is not a few scientists pocketing money and getting rich. It's a state policy."

…Robert Gallucci, a former United Nations weapons inspector who is now dean of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, calls A. Q. Khan "the Johnny Appleseed" of the nuclear-arms race. Gallucci, who is a consultant to the C.I.A. on proliferation issues, told me, "Bad as it is with Iran, North Korea, and Libya having nuclear-weapons material, the worst part is that they could transfer it to a non-state group. That's the biggest concern, and the scariest thing about all this-that Pakistan could work with the worst terrorist groups on earth to build nuclear weapons. There's nothing more important than stopping terrorist groups from getting nuclear weapons. The most dangerous country for the United States now is Pakistan, and second is Iran." Gallucci went on, "We haven't been this vulnerable since the British burned Washington in 1814."

The reality is that America is resented by most of the rest of the world – especially the Islamic world - for varying reasons and with varying degrees of justification.  In a world of Islamic terrorists and nuclear proliferation, this is an extremely precarious position to be in.  It is especially precarious given that many Muslims reside within America’s very borders.

If and when the American superpower collapses, the question will be: who will take its place?  In other articles at Puritan News Weekly we have noted how the Vatican is positioning itself to assume the role of the world’s next superpower. Contributing writer Al Hembd has supplied us with this additional resource on the topic:

“At http://home.red.net/fpchurch/EbBI/fpm/2003/November/article7.htm is an article by Reverend John MacLeod entitled "Growing Vatican Sovereignty."  It reviews a brilliant article by a Tory in Britain, whose name is Adrian Hilton.  Talks about how the Vatican is seeking to undermine national sovereignties through "regionalisms."  The EU.  The FTAA.  The African free trade area.  The strategy, says Hilton, is to undermine nationalism.  And to replace it with "commonality of the religion."  The author says, the end goal is to make the Pope the "new Caesar."  I think people will fall for it, on the ground that any order is better than anarchy.  The author points out the extreme differences between British law, and Roman law.  Roman law presumes the accused guilty, unless he can prove himself innocent.  It also presumes the government agency to be supreme, and to be the delegator of officially recognized rights, which it in turn claims the authority to revoke.  Hilton proves that the International Court of Justice claims these prerogatives.  Mr Hilton comments on how Rome considers it "immoral" for the national Church to encourage patriotism and national sovereignty.  Of course, because in so doing, this detracts what the Vatican considers "due allegiance to the King of Kings--the Pontifex Maximus."

America clearly faces competitors that want to take its place.  And the Vatican has the resources and experience to do the job, when America de-rails.