By J. Parnell McCarter

Puritan News Service



“Garbage in, garbage out.”  Perhaps that explains, at least in part, why most Americans are so unaware of Rome’s corruptions and intrigues.  Public education and public media have fed them so little true information about the Romish Church (and especially the Vatican), that they have been operating mostly on lies and half-truths. 


I will leave off addressing the print and television media for some other article (though it should be sufficiently obvious that a pro-reformed Protestant perspective is almost wholly lacking from both), but will focus here on the popular internet media.  Of course, much of the internet media is just an extension of the print and television media (CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, National Review, etc.).  So what is true of their character in print and television, follows on the internet.  But on the internet we have apparently low-budget upstarts like Drudge Report and Worldnetdaily, willing to tell “the truth, the whole truth…”  So we should ask, are even these compromised by Romanism?


I ask this on December 26, 2002 as I read the lead editorialists for Worldnetdaily on this day: Joseph Farah, Patrick Buchanan, and Ann Coulter.


First, I read the article by Patrick Buchanan, “End of the Christian Era” http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=30189 , in which he says:

“Two thousand years have elapsed since the Birth of Christ in Bethlehem, the event that engendered Western civilization. But for Christianity, the sun has begun to set in the West…In 1492, all Western Europe was Christian and responsive to Rome. But with the 1500s came Luther, Calvin, Henry VIII and the Reformation, the sundering of Christendom into a Protestant north and Catholic south. The same division prevailed in the New World. Protestant England colonized the east coast of North America, as Catholic Spain colonized most of South America. Yet, Christians all professed the same God and believed in the same Savior…With the Enlightenment in the 18th century, however, came a revolution to overthrow Christianity as well as the Church. French priests were among the first butchered in the September Massacres, even before Louis XVI and his queen ascended the scaffold…Marx was among the first to accept the logic and urge men to act on it. Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin did. But as Hegel might have predicted, communism called into existence an antithesis, fascism. And the war they fought far eclipsed in savagery all the old religious wars…"I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have strange gods before me," God said to Moses. But since the Reformation in the West, that God has given way to one strange new god after another: The king, the state, the nation, the race and, finally, the self…”

So there we have it, the Protestant Reformation started all these problems.  Never mind it was the Jesuits that were at the fore-front of promoting humanism and the Enlightenment.  Never mind that Romanism has promoted Marxist liberation theology as well as fascism.  Never mind that the Romish Church has tried to thwart Bible reading, or when all else fails, pervert it when it is read.  Let’s confuse the facts and confuse the public.

And do not expect Worldnetdaily to offer us any editorialist which will rebut Buchanan’s Romanist lies.

Next we have Ann Coulter.   She’s the apologist for the Romish pedophile scandal.  Her lawyerly defense ran like this (see http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=26906) :

“Despite the growing media consensus that Catholicism causes sodomy, an alternative view – adopted by the Boy Scouts – is that sodomites cause sodomy…Even in the midst of the Catholic Church's current scandals – including decades-old cases – the Catholic clergy has about the same percentage of perverts as the Yale faculty…”

Back when she was a writer with National Review , her response to Islam in the Middle East was the traditional Romish approach:

“We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That's war. And this is war.”

Instead of gospel preaching, Coulter offers classic Romish fare for conversion, spelled G-U-N-S. 

These editorials from Buchanan and Coulter should not surprise at all really, for Buchanan and Coulter appear on the list of Catholic writers at http://www.diocesereport.com/home.shtml  :

·  Diocese Report

·  Brian R. Barcaro

·  James Bemis

·  Mary Beth Bonacci

·  Judie Brown

·  Patrick J. Buchanan

·  William F. Buckley Jr.

·  Ann Coulter

·  Rod Dreher

·  Matt Drudge

·  Dan Flaherty

·  Alan Keyes

·  John Mallon

·  Gary Morella

·  George Neumayr

·  Fr. Frank Pavone

·  D. E. Romanae

·  Michael S. Rose

·  Phillis Schlafly

·  Joe Sobran

·  Donna Steichen

We find Buchanan and Coulter right there with Fr. Frank Pavone listed as Catholic writers.  Of course, we also notice Matt Drudge, but more about that later.

In Worldnetdaily we next come to Joseph Farah.  Today he is touting another American Revolution.  Well, as noted in F. Tupper Saussy’s book Rulers of Evil, as well as my own (Let My People Go),  the first American Revolution severely wounded reformed Protestantism in America.  Another one would probably kill it.   All Farah offers anyway is a form of Romanized Christianity, which will hardly solve America’s rebellion problem in the eyes of God.  At other times Farah is touting Loyola’s vision for re-building Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.  He has a host of dispensationalist commentators on Worldnetdaily which echo him.  But do not expect to find a real reformed Protestant voice.

I think I have said enough about Worldnetdaily, so on to Drudge Report.  It delivers just what one would expect of one steeped in Romanist error.  Despite its many links, absent is one that gives voice to the historic reformed Protestant position. 

So there you have it, folks.  Worldnetdaily and Drudge Report- comprised by Romanist error.


(Note: The website of Diocese Report has alleged that this website “hates Catholics”, with a link to this article.  That is not true.  This website hates Romish errors and Vatican corruption, not Catholics.  Indeed, this website counts many Catholics as friends, but it recognizes that Catholics have been deceived by Romish errors.  What we urge Catholics to do is to study the Bible and compare what scripture teaches to what Rome teaches.  Then one will realize how the Roman Catholic Church has kept so many professing Christians in the dark over the centuries.)