Virginia as a Fitting First State



The recent election results in Virginia mean that it is now a full-fledged cog in the wheel of the centralized Federal “global nation” empire, which is a modern Babel.  Virginia thus joins other States like California in this infamous list, and more States will surely follow.  The US Federal Government controls immigration and forcibly prevents States from controlling it.  Its direction is to fully turn the USA into a centralized Federal “global nation” empire, contrary to the USA’s beginning as a confederation of Anglo-American patriot States under the Articles of Confederation.  Its methodology throughout has been contrary to legal procedure, employing subtlety and coercion.  Since it controls the demography, it controls the political direction.  It has used demographic changes to turn Virginia “blue”.


One positive aspect of this development though is that it might help wise up some conservative Virginians of the futility in the long term of the mainstream conservative Republican political strategy of trying to elect the right people in the Federalized System and failing to partition out of the USA liberal “blue areas”.  While there may be some value of this as a short term strategy of slowing down the Federal empire’s juggernaut, it is a losing long term strategy.  Conservative Virginians need to wake up to the reality that a winning long term political strategy today means following the successful political strategy of the Anglo-American patriot forefathers of yesterday.  They too had to contend with a powerful centralized empire.  They formed State Committees of Correspondence in which members elected an alternative state assembly to the empire’s assembly.  Each such alternative state assembly in turn sent delegates to a Continental Congress of Anglo-American patriot States, so that the fully sovereign States were confederated under the Articles of Confederation. Those wanting to remain part of the empire were effectively partitioned out, in their case in Canada.


It would be fitting for Virginia to be the first State to organize such a State Committee of Correspondence in which members elected an alternative state assembly.  It would not take that many members to do so, and it would set the pattern for other States to follow, so that a restored Continental Congress under the Articles of Confederation could rise again. The liberal “blue areas” of Virginia would be partitioned out of Virginia and eventually out of the USA:





It would be fitting for Virginia to be the first State to raise up a full-fledged State Committee of Correspondence because:


1.       The first permanent Anglo-American settlement in North America began in Jamestown, Virginia in 1607, and spread out from there.  They were under able civil and business leaders like Captain John Smith and John Rolfe.

2.       Many Anglo-Americans began in Virginia in the 1600s, and from their trekked southward and westward (like some of my ancestors did).  They brought with them Anglo-American law, religion, culture, government, etc.

3.       Virginia helped lead the way in the War of Independence from the British Empire, stirred onward by patriots such as Patrick Henry and Henry “Light Horse” Lee.

4.       Virginia provided some of the most eloquent defenses of remaining under the Articles of Confederation and not illegally abandoning them, along with prescient warnings of doing so, especially as delivered by Patrick Henry.

5.       The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, authored by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, affirmed States’ Rights against the encroachments even in the late 1700s of the Federal Government.

6.       In the 19th century Virginia provided the permanent capital of the States’ Rights effort of the Confederacy in the War Between the States, and Virginia provided the Confederacy with some of its most illustrious generals like Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.

7.       In the 20th century Virginia was the home base of the “massive resistance” against Federal Government usurpations, led by Virginian Harry F. Byrd.


So we can pray that God would raise up a Virginia Committee of Correspondence (see ) and set the pattern for other Anglo-American patriot States to follow, towards the restoration of a confederated USA of Anglo-American Patriot States, under the Articles of Confederation (America’s first constitution that was unadvisedly and illegally abandoned), with America’s first national flag (the Continental Colors or Grand Union flag) as the symbol of our enterprise:




This confederated USA can have partitioned out of the USA those liberal “blue” areas in a sea of “red” areas that remain part of the USA, such as illustrated here:





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