Example Email We Recommend Our Friends and Neighbors Send to Their State Legislators, Calling Upon Legislature Not to Send Electors to Electoral College If Election Fraud Cannot be Corrected in Time


Dear State Rep. ____________________________,


Thank you for your response to our previous email communication, and thank you for supporting the investigations that have now commenced by the Michigan legislature into the massive election fraud.


I would ask you to review the following websites for important information about the fraud which significant evidence indicates has taken place even outside Detroit:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFCXPw1t17o  - Lou Dobbs of Fox News interviews Sidney Powell on Pres. Trump's Legal Team, in which she explains the fraud which has taken place, including with our voting machines


https://www.libertariannews.org/2020/11/10/dr-shiva-ayyadurai-mit-systems-scientist-data-analysis-of-voting-fraud-in-mi-shows-69000-votes-were-transferred-from-trump-to-biden/ - MIT scientist data analyzes the Michigan election


Regarding what was going on in Detroit, please see:










Democrat Michigan Secretary of State has shown she cannot be trusted to provide true and fair election results to the Michigan legislature:




It is appearing more and more likely that the Michigan Presidential contest was so fraught with irregularities perpetrated by the Democrat Party machine that it will simply not be possible to obtain a true and fair legal vote count in Michigan by the December 8 deadline date in preparation for the Electoral College meeting on December 14. If that is the case, then the Michigan legislature (along with other state legislatures like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin where similar situations prevail), which constitutionally controls sending electors, should according to constitutional law simply withhold sending electors to the Electoral College, because it is not possible to ascertain by the deadline date the legal vote count so as to ascertain who won the legal vote, even though it is highly likely the true winner was President Trump.  *If* it should be the case neither major Presidential candidate receives 270 electoral college votes, the Federal Constitution of course stipulates that the issue would be pushed into the Federal House of Representatives to resolve:


Enter Congress. If neither candidate gets to 270 electors due to disputed ballots, the House would have to decide the election.” - https://scroll.in/article/977815/the-us-congress-not-the-courts-could-decide-who-gets-to-be-the-next-american-president .  The national legislature is actually where the USA’s original constitution, the Articles of Confederation, placed the decision of President of the USA in the first place. Furthermore, a number of Presidential contests have been decided in the House of Representatives since adoption of the Federal Constitution, including the contests of 1824 and 1876.


The Republican-controlled Michigan legislature should not succumb to the fraudulent Democrat Party playbook, but do its constitutional duty.

Thanks for your consideration of these requests!


Note: For any further updates, see the Democrat Party Election Fraud Machine at our website www.puritans.net .