Email to Consistory and Seminarian Slingerland


Dear Consistory and Seminarian Slingerland,


We were very blessed by this morning’s Thanksgiving service and by the sermon of Seminarian Slingerland.  However, I request that there be a correction of an inaccurate statement made in the congregational prayer this morning, and that this correction preferably be made in this evening’s Thanksgiving service for it to be timely.  That statement sought prayer “for the one who will replace the [current] President.”  According to the Federal Constitution subscribed to by the State of Michigan, the legal process has not concluded which determines the President in the coming new Presidential term. That process includes an Electoral College vote followed by a process of the Federal Congress, according to Article II. Is it correct to imply there will be a replacement for President Trump in the coming term, when such has not been legally concluded?


Some relevant points to consider:


1.       The current President Trump has not conceded and alleges with good evidence that there has been significant fraud in the recent popular election. He and others are litigating through the Courts what has transpired to date. That legal process has not concluded.

2.       State legislatures, including Michigan’s legislature, have not even sent in their electoral college votes.

3.       I would encourage all citizens to hear and consider the testimony at the recent hearing before Pennsylvania legislators explaining the election fraud that has taken place: . As residents of Michigan, we should seek a similar hearing before our Michigan legislators.

4.       The media, including CNN, MSNBC, Facebook, etc., do not legally decide who is the President of the next term, so what they say is not determinative. Much of the media has a record of being very untruthful and wicked.

5.       Most polls suggest a large majority of Republicans believe this election was significantly fraudulent.

6.       There is evidence that Mr. Joe Biden presents a national security risk, which President Trump and other government officials will likely consider as they proceed: . And there is significant evidence many State officials involved in the recent popular election vote have been corrupted by Communist China money as well, such that attorney Lin Wood is bringing such information before the courts through the legal process: . And evidence is being presented to the courts of alleged China and Iranian election manipulation via Dominion Voting Systems machines: .


The church is ordained to be “the pillar and ground of the truth”, and so it is incumbent upon us all to work towards that lofty standard, for if the church seriously fail, what shall become of our nation? Furthermore, this issue of who will be our President in the coming new term is a grave one.  It will be sad indeed if the church spreads inaccuracies about the Presidential election at a time such as this.


Thank you for consideration of this request. I will seek to follow it up with personal calls to you.






J. Parnell McCarter


Note: For any further updates, see the Democrat Party Election Fraud Machine at our website .