Follow-Up Email to Church


Dear Consistory of Netherlands Reformed Church of Grand Rapids,

I want to thank you for addressing the issue of the election.  Charlotte and I are both grateful that you did. We can be thankful God has raised up Pres. Trump and his team to save us from treasonous and criminal domestic parties working with foreign enemies.  As you know, more evidence is becoming publicly available of the widespread fraud, including evidence presented at the recent hearings before the Michigan legislature, as well as the obvious fraud in other states, like this one in Georgia:


On another matter, I am seeking to let friends know about some important internet resources on the Covid vaccines.  Pres. Trump is unaware of the medical dangers inherent in the Covid vaccines being developed and likely soon to be rolled out, starting for health-care workers.  As you know, Pres. Trump said this in his Thanksgiving Day Proclamation: “we have leveraged our strengths to make significant breakthroughs that will end this crisis … developing groundbreaking therapeutics and life-saving vaccines on record-shattering timeframes.” There are no doubt many like Pres. Trump who simply do not understand the medical perils of these vaccines. There may be much pressure on us to take these vaccines. One of the best sites for medical information on the Covid vaccine presented in a way that even those of us who are not medical specialists can understand is . I have tried to summarize some important information there and elsewhere at . The single most helpful article there I have found is this one:


It might be wise for folks to preemptively make friends and employers aware of this information, so there will be more understanding as to why one does not take the vaccine. I mention it in this email as part of my overall effort to let friends know.


Again, thank you for all of your work.