Where Do We Likely Go From Here?


Date: 11/21/2020



The evidence is piling up that there was massive election fraud by the Democrat Party along with some "Republican" accomplices.  This video summarizes in simple terms how the fraud was conducted:


https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/11/disgusting-tucker-carlson-doubles-hits-sidney-powell-says-no-evidence-switching-votes-11-times-got-caught-switching-votes-video/ - Drop and Roll video


It happened by a combination of ballot-stuffing in large urban areas and programmatic rigging through Dominion Voting Systems.


There is also good reason to believe the Covid pandemic was a major vehicle in their scheme for a "Great Reset", both in terms of bringing Pres Trump down and ushering in their program.  This website explains in their own words how Covid justifies this "Great Reset": https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/07/covid-19-the-great-reset/ . There is good reason to believe Covid was both human engineered and purposefully released (see Thorough Investigation Warranted Into Dr. Fauciís Viral Research Work and Concerning His Jesuit Connections (puritans.net) ).


Pres .Trump and Giuliani not only said before the election such would happen, there is growing indication they prepared a trap to catch the Democrats after they perpetrated it. Furthermore, Pres. Trump has the Supreme Court, most state legislatures, and most state Federal Congressional delegations on his side: all practically important as we move forward with the election. Even take a look at how it is the conservative Justices of the Federal Supreme Court assigned to the swing states.


There is information leaking out that Pres. Trump knew the Democrat Party leadership was going to do this, let them carry it out, and has a sting operation in place to prosecute and imprison it. We know they grabbed the Dominion servers in Germany.  Keep in mind that Rudy Giuliani's launchpad was federal prosecution of the New York mafia, and Pres Trump himself is worldly wise at maneuvering through such criminal elements.


But here is the practical impact for us: the Democrat Party represents half of the country, and it has Antifa, BLM, etc. goons to make trouble.  We should be prepared for a period of unrest.  I am glad I do not live in a "blue" area, but I think even "red" areas will be touched by what may erupt over the coming months.

Here is roughly how I see this unfolding, in order, as my best guess at this time:


1. Trump team will win most of its legal cases where it matters most (i.e., the Federal Supreme Court), and the criminal fraud will be exposed, likely going all the way up to Biden and Democrat Party leaders and some Republican accomplices.  (Trump and Giuliani knew the crime was going to happen, and they let the Democrat criminals do it, but laid out traps to expose the criminality.  Giuliani knows a thing or 2 about how to catch organized criminals: https://themobmuseum.org/notable_names/rudolph-giuliani/ .  And Trump too knows how to shrewdly deal with them, use them, and beat them, from years in the construction industry in New York.)


2. Antifa, etc. will begin rioting and looting, starting in "blue" areas, but extending out to "red" areas.  The National Guard will likely be called out to try to quell the unrest.


3. Pres. Trump will win the Presidential election, either in the Electoral College or in the House of Representatives.


4. Efforts will be made to criminally prosecute Biden and Democrat Party leaders and some Republican accomplices.


5. The nation will divide between "red" versus "blue" Congressional districts, each with it own separate Congress. US civil war begins. Below is a map from 2020 US House Election Results - 2020 United States elections - Wikipedia that shows the geographical divide:


Color coded map of 2020 House of Representatives race resultss



How will the Democrats likely respond as Pres Trump and his "deplorable" supporters thwart their plan and even begin to prosecute their leaders for criminal activity?  Political division seems likely.


6. Communist China and Muslim Iran will respond negatively to Trump's election. Iran already is on verge of making its first nuclear weapon. Will Iran and China sit still for another Trump term, when they had savored a Biden victory?  What about the other world leaders who see their "Great Reset" being thwarted by Pres. Trump and his "deplorables"?  Will they sit still for it? World war begins.


It should be noticed how the above corresponds in broad terms with what I have suggested the Book of Revelation prophesies, such as found at Puritan News Weekly (puritans.net)and in the Foreword to the book atReading and Audio Section of the Historicism Research Foundation.

Note: For any further updates, see the Democrat Party Election Fraud Machine at our website www.puritans.net .