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By Avro Manhattan, an Italian Roman Catholic who fled Italy before WWII, because he would not kowtow to Mussolini.  He lived in exile for most of the rest of his life--which was to 1990--in London.  There, he befriended several Cardinals, priests, and KGB, who kept him fully apprised of matters in the Vatican.  Plus, he traveled to the Vatican after WWII, and was privy to a lot of information.  His documentation on the Marxist takeover of the Vatican with John XXIII is unparalleled.  (By the way, I do not believe that Manhattan remained Roman Catholic.  I'm virtually certain he did not.  But he always maintained very cordial relations with his Vatican contacts--many of whom were "conservatives" who were appalled at the Marxist takeover of the Vatican, and who wanted that news to get out.)

But of course, modern-day Communism originated with the Jesuit organization of the Paraguayan Empire.  But then, the Jesuits themselves are communistic in their organization.  Though none of the members own personal riches, yet the "organization" is one of the wealthiest organizations in the world.  In fact, they are noted for the fact that they take no funds from the Pope whatever.  They are totally self-sufficient, economically. 

Two conditions promised by Loyola gained official sanction for his order from the Papacy: 1) that it would always be totally self-sufficient, 2) that they would give the Pope total and unlimited obedience.  (No other order had ever promised that.)

Beginning with Pius XII--the Nazi Pope--there was an internecine strife in the Church of Rome itself between the Fascists and the Communists.  The "worker priests" favored the socialists.  They were caught up in the socialist/labor movement.  And of course, the Jesuits have characteristically been socialist/communist, at the lower levels, at least.

But the university Jesuits in Germany, France, and Italy, along with Pius XII and the Curial Cardinals, became Fascistic after the fall of the Papal States in 1871.  The Pope was very much at a loss after that event as to how to regain his temporal power--even how to protect himself, in the event that Italy should begin criminal prosecutions against the Vatican for its many conspiratorial and criminal activities.

Consequently, Pius IX began to groom Wilhelm I to be the next Holy Roman Emperor.  One who would be the "Defender of the Faith."  Of course, the Hapsburgs were carefully plumed also for all that, along with the Jesuit plot that resulted in the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand--so that a war would break out that would establish Germany and Austria-Hungary as the Catholic superpowers of Europe.

The Vatican is never in full control of the political movements it seeks to infiltrate and control--and many of the Communistic movements were also populist, which worked against the Papacy, because of its condemnation of freedom of speech, of the press, and of liberty of conscience.  For a time, many of the socialist movements were rather democratic also.  Somewhat like the French Revolution.  So, even though the Jesuits created Communism, it had gone momentarily out of control.  That's why the Vatican, and the university Jesuits, began to rally behind the Fascist banner.

Of course, after WWI, the Jesuits were already plotting WWII.  They signed the Concordat with Mussolini in 1929.  Mussolini gave the Church an incredible dowry--the equivalent of $500 million dollars.  It was then that the Vatican Bank was created.

However, throughout this whole period, through WWII, there was a strong, Communist, anti-Fascist movement within the Church itself--amongst the "worker priests."  And I think that this internecine strife split even the Jesuits.  Many of the lower Jesuits strongly sympathized with the Communists.  Especially in France.  In fact, it was in France and Italy that the division was most acute.

Hence, all throughout the reign of Pius XII--the Nazi Pope--there was a muted but strong current of opposition to him and to his policies. 

And thus, the election of Pope John XXIII was a reaction the other way.  John XXIII was decidedly a pro-Socialist, pro-Moscow Pope.  He really dissented with Pius XII's policies all throughout Pius' reign.  Pius XII ended up appointing John (Roncalli) as Patriarch of Venice, primarily to consign him to oblivion.  Venice is the Italian equivalent of Siberia.

And the opposition between Paul VI (Montini) and Pius XII was even more acute.  (Under Paul VI, Rome got a Communist mayor and city council!)  For one thing, Montini was Pius XII's Secretary of State.  When Pius offered to make him a cardinal, Montini refused.  He would not accept a cardinal's hat from Pius XII--that's how acute the strife between them was.  Montini ended up taking a minor bishopric somewhere.

Anyway: after Pius' death, John XXIII and Pius VI radically changed the whole political thrust of the Vatican in favor of Communism.  In fact, they basically set Castro up.  Castro was trained at two Jesuit schools (so was Stalin).  And Alberto Rivera says that Castro is a Jesuit under oath--and I tend to believe it.

Anyway: under John XXIII and Paul VI, the Jesuits changed.  They also, under Pedro Arrupe, their new Secretary General, became radical "Liberation Theology" Marxists.  Many Jesuit priests in Latin America had machine guns and bullet belts under their cassocks.  Literally.  Fighting for Castro.

But the CIA was always pro-Pius XII and pro-Fascist.  That's where Opus Dei comes into the picture--and P2, the Masonic lodge that is so prevalent in Vatican City itself.  They are Fascists.  Many former Nazis, Parnell, were even brought over after WWII into the CIA, by Cardinal Spellman, himself a CIA agent, who was very close to Pius XII.

Well, after the murder of John Paul I--who appeared would continue as another Socialist in the vein of Paul VI--the pro-Fascist CIA basically bribed the Latin American cardinals with millions of dollars to vote for Karol Wojtlya.  Wojtlya is a Marxist, but with heavy Fascist tendencies.  (Fascistic in that he is more of a church traditionalist.)

The CIA basically promised Wojtlya several things:

1) a financial bailout for the Vatican bank.
2) a nuncio in Washington, D C.
3) millions of US aid for Latin America
4) increased globalization of the Western Hemisphere, of Europe, behind a Vatican-controlled Pan-American Congress, NATO, and UN
5) Financial aid, in the millions, for Solidarity in Poland--and with it, the overthrow of the Russian Communist empire, and along with it, Russian Orthodoxy.
6) Protection from the Communist Jesuits.  (The CIA can supply that.)

In return Wojtlya promised:

1) that he would squelch the Jesuits in Latin America.
2) that he would stir up revolution in Poland.

The problem is: when the Jesuits got squelched, John Paul II basically disabled his own SS.  But there was a remedy for that.  Fall back on another organization--an even more diabolical one.  One that is so secret, its members are not even known.  And most of its members being also members of the Freemasons.  Probably a number of them Mafiosi and CIA.

Opus Dei.

I'm sure that there are Jesuits who are still in line with the new Pope's agenda.  But they are probably members of Opus Dei, too.

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