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“This book will shake up your view of the how the world operates! It will take you behind the mass-media illusion on your television screen and into the dark recesses of power from which the gears crank and the pistons fire. A fiery hell of money and depravity without limit! The ugliness lies in it's top progenitors The Catholic Church and their Jesuit secret society who rule the world. Given the fact that both Trump and Biden, a man of such high status he could run as a corpse, are both Jesuits! You will see that institutionalized pedophilia within The Catholic Church is the natural outgrowth of a deeply evil, and immensely powerful institution! Prepare to have your preconceived illusions smashed against the iron of cold, hard, reality!”


“Having read and enjoyed Johnny Cirucci's previous well researched books I approached this with a degree of trepidation due to the subject matter. Mr. Cirucci is to be applauded for having the courage and fortitude required to deal with a topic such as this; it seems that no one else wants to talk about it. Due to reading Dr. Judith Reismans work I was already familiar with much of the chapter on so called scientist Dr. Alfred Kinsey and his "work" being funded by the Rockefeller Foundation although it shocked me to learn that even Reisman appears to be a gatekeeper for the Whore of Babylon, whose agents in the guise of knights and priests, especially Jesuits, are invariably to be found in the background. Considering how much Kinsey's "research" has been promoted in order to destroy the Christian ethics and morality upon which western civilization since the Protestant Reformation was built, how sad it is that the scientific community isn't screaming to have this paedophile and his child raping "research" team exposed for the depraved frauds they were, the result being mankind slowly sinking into an amoral state of indifference.

The author tackles the sickening subject matter as tactfully as possible and on learning of their unimaginable crimes, one wonders how some of the perpetrators can be truly human. The book also contains chapters on Charles Manson, Boys Town, Madeleine McCann, Lewis Carroll, Lolita and PizzaGate to name but a few and shows a list released by the FBI containing the secret symbols by which paedophiles communicate, be prepared for a shock as you spot corporate logos. Everyone in Britain knows of the crimes of Sir Jimmy Savile but how many were aware that this devout Roman Catholic attended mass regularly and was knighted by the Pope? With innumerable details such as these, the author demonstrates as in his previous books that, regardless of all the cul-de-sacs down which she attempts to send the would be truth seeker, all roads lead, ultimately, to Rome.”


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To address this evil, there must be a return to Biblical Protestantism.