Not Too Late For Zimbabwe/Rhodesia by J. Parnell McCarter

It is not too late for Zimbabwe/Rhodesia to do what it should have done in transitioning from the old white-ruled Rhodesia.What should have happened then, and what should happen now, is that Zimbabwe/Rhodesia should be partitioned into 3 primary ethnic homeland nations:

Each of these should be explicitly Biblical Christian, and over course of time it should be hoped that they each adopt the Westminster Standards as their official doctrinal standards.

I recommend that such separate homeland nations enter into a Treaty with the other ethnic homelands existing in what is now the area of Zimbabwe.Such treaty could allow for tariff-free commerce and free transportation among each other, so as not unduly to impede commercial enterprise and friendly relations among each other.The Treaty could also spell out the procedures for further peaceful partitions, should future conditions warrant such.Finally, the Treaty could guarantee that within each homeland nation there would be no differentiation of civil or voting rights on the basis of race or ethnicity among the citizens of each, according to Biblical norms of justice.This would help to ensure no one would be treated unjustly as defined by scriptural standards simply on the basis of race and ethnicity within any of the three main ethnic homeland nations.

The current unified Zimbabwe, effectively all ruled by the Shona tribe under the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe, is fundamentally flawed.It is a moral and economic disaster, pushed by the misguided policy of the USA and the United Kingdom.