The Subtle Road to Rome (comparing reformed ecclesiological model versus Romish model)

Which Direction is the HRC Heading In?

John Calvin’s Treatment on the Visible Christian Church and its Relation to the Roman Catholic Church

The Church as the Pillar of Truth

Defining “Reformed Church” in its Protestant Reformation Sense

Why I Am Not of the View of Bill Nye or Ken Ham (or NAPARC Christianity)

MONEY Talks…

TRUTH Responds…

A Personal Recommendation to the WPCUS

Multiculturalism as a Euphemism for Imperialism

Principles for Resolving Ethnic Conflicts

Discerning Music

Analysis of Dr. Murray’s Sermon on Diversity

When Scandal Strikes

An Explanation

A Primary Objection to NAPARC

My Advice to those Who Agree in Full Subscriptionism and the Westminster Standards

Redacted Letter to a Former Member in the Reformation Party

Of Lawful Wars and Borders War and Borders.htm

Questions Regarding Dr. Murray's 'I Can't Breathe' Article

Israel, An Obstacle in the Way of Babel’s Vision

Questions Regarding “I Can’t Breathe” (and Related Matters) Article

Speech before the Georgetown Township Board on August 11, 2014 aug2014.htm

Diversity as a Moral Principle?

Speech before the Georgetown Township Board on October 13, 2014 oct2014.htm

Possible Avenue for Forming a FP School in North America

The Missing a Brakel Section Hopefully to be Remedied

The Perennial Thanksgiving Question

What Should We Think about the Old South African Apartheid System

Biblical Protestantism and Ethnic Nationalism

Which Moral Law?

What Should We Think About the Old South African Apartheid System?

A Proposed Plan for Peaceful Partition

The Malay Peninsula Instructs the USA on How to Ease Racial Tensions

Petition for Kissing the Son

Speech Delivered on January 13, 2015 Before the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners Ottawa jan 2015.htm

A Brief Thought on Revelation Chapter 19

Acknowledging the Truth About Nations

A Recommendation to Afrikaners to Afrikaners.htm

Not Too Late for Zimbabwe/Rhodesia too late for Zimbabwe.htm

Hate Speech or Love Speech? speech

Some of My Convictions in a Nutshell

Speech Delivered May 26, 2015 Before the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners

Which Direction is this Nation Headed?

Guidelines towards Repentance and Reformation in the Civil Realm

The US President Question US President Question.htm

Practical Implications of the Seventh Commandment

On Immigration

The Unraveling of the USA

Should Seminaries Drink the Poison of ATS?

The Diversity Agenda

The Diversity Agenda As a Cover For Sin

The Church is to be the Pillar of Truth, Not Diversity

Remaining Wary, Focusing Locally

An Investigation into the Chicago Drive Landscaping Project in Georgetown Township

Ted Cruz

A Referendum on Globalism versus American Nationalism

Response to Globalist Historical Analysis

A Satanic Twisting of Galatians 3:28 to Mandate Radical Progressive Egalitarianism

Our Postmillennial Future versus Globalism

The Race Realism of Scripture versus Modern Politically Correct Racial Egalitarianism

Where Do I Think Things Will Go From Here?

The Language of Zion versus the Language of Babel

An Objection Answered Regarding My Historicism

Thy Word

The Church

Could Judge Roy Moore Become an American Yeltsin?

John Wyckliffe: Morning Star of the Reformation

Covenant (or Federal) Theology : A Central Issue of Difference with Roman Catholicism

Will the Ancient Chronicles Be Vindicated?

Contra Latitudinarian Ecumenism

A Plea to FPCS Elders

Immigration Crisis in the USA

Questions Concerning Prof. Engelsma’s Treatment on Spousal Abuse and

Questions Concerning Prof. Engelsma’s Treatment on Spousal Abuse: Is It a Caving in to Feminist Ideology?


A Brief Critique of Darby Strickland’s Articles on Spousal Abuse


Sinn Fein Taking Over in Northern Ireland  

As With Ancient Babel, So With Modern Babel   

Thorough Investigation Warranted Into Dr. Fauci’s Viral Research Work and Concerning His Jesuit Connections   

Follow the Money with Dr. Fauci and Covid-19   

Appearance versus Reality in the Fight Against Covid-19   

Through Which Religious and Eschatological Prism Should We View the Covid-19 Pandemic?   

Tell-Tale Signs of Déjà vu : Vatican Key to Alliance Bringing Down a Major Empire   

Elon Musk’s Eschatology and Biblical Eschatology   

Jesuit Liberation Theology and the Proper Biblical Protestant Response   

New Strains Appear   

In Response to “The Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland and the Revolution Settlement”   

God Has Ordained Semitic and White Privilege in the Transactions of Genesis 9 with Fathers Shem, Ham and Japheth, But Such Privilege Does Not Negate the Duty On Men of Applying the Same Moral Law to All Humanity   

Fall and Dispersal Into National People Groups is the Inevitable End of Every Babel Empire in Human History   

A Call to Return to the Mainstream Reformation View of African American Slavery   

The Two Babylons of Revelation   

A Comparison of President Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address with Rev. Dabney's Anti-Biblical Theories of Rights