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· Let My People Go- This new book by J. Parnell McCarter calls today's wicked rulers to 'kiss the Son' and calls Christians to prepare for the coming demise of the mysterious  Babylon the Great of Revelation 17, who he believes is Washington, D.C.!!!  He shows how history is marching towards a post-millennial restoration, when God will have removed the Jesuit Beast and the Papal False Prophet and will give reformed Christian nations.  This is a book you will want to read.  It is also being made available in pdf format for The Puritans' Home School Curriculum, where it is being incorporated into the course "Reformed Historical Studies of the Enlightenment Era".

· Answers to Objections to  Let My People Go- This will increase as I receive more feedback.

· The Enlightenment and The Great Awakening : An Analysis

· John Witherspoon and Corrupted American Presbyterianism

· Is Reformed Journalism in America being Compromised by Unseemly Influences?

· Book Reviews

· Catechism before Communion

· Polemical Tracts- These tracts address some current pressing issues and debates.

· The Rest of the Story - The 2002 National Geographic Bee winner was Calvin McCarter, son of the webmaster of The Puritans' Network, J. Parnell McCarter.  Calvin is the youngest participant to ever win this competition.  Click on this link to read the McCarter Family's perspective on the event and information related to it.

· J. Parnell McCarter: A Brief Auto-Biography- This explains something about the webmaster of this Puritan website.

· Home School Curricula

· Some Other Web Resources- These are some links you may find helpful.

· A Presuppositional Versus Evidential Approach To the Science of Origins

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