Californian Partition Efforts Should Be Wedded With Effort to Restore the Articles of Confederation


Thankfully Californian partition efforts are well underway to partition out liberal areas and preserve the historic California which was a true Anglo-American patriot state.  These efforts include New California State (   ) and State of Jefferson ( ).  Liberals have taken over the federalized State government of California, with the result that most Californians want to leave the State:


So the Californian partition effort is laudable and necessary, and the partition organizations are a great first step.


But this effort needs to be wedded with an effort to restore the confederated USA model of Anglo-American Patriot States, under the Articles of Confederation (America’s first constitution).  Why?


1.      It is highly unlikely the current federal order is going to accept a partition of California that is desired by conservative Anglo-American patriots of California.

2.      The federal government and its federalized states are wedded to the “global nation” empire model of the USA.  Unless the USA returns to the confederated USA model of Anglo-American Patriot States, under the Articles of Confederation (America’s first constitution), partitioning California in any way only buys time but does not set the restored State or the nation as a whole on a long term sound path. We need to follow a course that by God’s grace can yield and maintain long term fruits, not one that leaves “open borders” and the “global nation” model in place.


Each State under the Articles of Confederation will then have power to control their own borders and immigration into it.  Also, such nation will be aimed at preserving an Anglo-American patriot nation rather than the federal multicultural “global nation”.


How can the current California partition organizations achieve these goals?


1.      California partition organizations should go ahead and elect patriot State councils/assemblies after the model of State Committees of Correspondence of our patriot forefathers.  This will serve as a shining example of what Anglo-American patriots in other States of the USA should do as well.

2.      Join this national effort: RESTORATION OF THE CONFEDERATED USA OF ANGLO-AMERICAN PATRIOT STATES UNDER THE ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION VIA STATE COMMITTEES OF CORRESPONDENCE  .  The symbol of our enterprise is America’s first national flag (called the Continental Colors or Grand Union flag), which succinctly speaks of our historic identity as a nation and people and cause:




When enough States have elected councils/assemblies of their State Committees of Correspondence, then a Continental Congress can be called to list grievances to the US federal government.


3.      When the likely coming financial collapse occurs, be prepared to seize the moment.  Those will be the circumstances when it will be possible to effect partition and set the USA on a sounder national course.




The California Committee of Correspondence is seeking to encourage current California partition organizations to do what is suggested above, rather than seeking to create a network of Anglo-American patriots itself in California.